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30.03.2015 BSNL NEWS:


BSNL to spread information regarding e-governance Click here


Telecom tariffs likely to go up, industry says Click here


Spectrum auction ends, total bid amount reaches 1,09,874 crores   Click here


BSNL dares to hike fixed monthly charge of rural landline phone by 33%  Click here


BSNL 1GB 3G Data, now at 68 only with new 3G STV Launch   Click here


28.03.2015 Circle level convention on "Save BSNL" will be held on 01.04.2015 in the Auditorium in Asman Mahal telecom staff quarters, Hyderabad. The convention will start at 14.00 hrs and continue till 18.00 hrs. Maximum mobilisation for participating in the convention should be there from Hyderabad and surrounding SSAs and there should be participation from all SSAs. The convention is for making the two days strike on 21,22 April a grand success. Start preparation immediately for mobilising for the convention" sampath CS, AP-snatta


Thanks to SNATTA AP circle... And please take this type of initiative in all circles.


27.03.2015 of meeting of United Forum held on dated 25.03.2015

Click here

23.03.2015 In the recent CEC of SNATTA, the issue of JTO RR has been discussed. Under the supervision of Sri Sunil Gautam DGS, SNATTA Legal Committee will make a comparative study on JTO RR 2001 and JTO RR 2014 and will make a report within one week. As per that report next movement will be initiated.
Members of Legal Committee are:

Sunil Gautam (New Delhi) 9810306904
R K Upadhayay (UP West Circle) 9457885177
Kaushik Ghosh (CTD) 9477240256
Vijay Kumar (Bihar Circle) 9431000318
Shri Maneesh K.P 09446270379

20.03.2015 A letter is being attached here for taking one/next step of BSNL survival demand/issue to Govt. of India.


Please give the letter to your SSA head and tell them to fill the Performa up after meeting with their respected MPs (Member of Parliament) of their respected place. Take this as an urgent message and convey these as early as possible. One Excel sheet is also attached for the list of Honorable MPs along with their constituency.

Give a report to your CS/CP/CC on the progression of the work with an immediate effect.

Friends it is a common necessity for all of our future in our organisation


Please Click here for Letter

Please Click here for List of MPs

20.03.2015Our DGS Sunil Gautam along with Com.Islam Ahmed, President, NFTE met GM(Estt) RK Goyal and discussed about TN JTO LICE result case. As per TN circle body final arguments over and Madras HC ask information regarding OJTOs in related to earlier cases like CHANDIGARH CAT. GM(Estt) inform that they have supplied required information sought by HC.

17.03.2015Shri Maneesh K.P ,Vice President SNATTA (Mob: 09446270379, Email: is hereby included as member of All India Legal Committe,SNATTA

13.03.2015Forum of BSNL Unions  and  Associations served  Notice for two days strike  on 21 / 04 / 2015 and 22 / 04 / 2015 on  demands for Revival of BSNL.


Please Click here for more details.

10.03.2015CHQ belatedly came to know that Mrs. Anamika Kashyap (Jadam) DRTTA Bhopal, MP passed away on dated 09-03-2015. SNATTA family pays its respectful homage to the departed friend and conveys its heartfelt condolences to her family members and friends.

10.03.2015 Warm wishes to all SNATTAians of ASSAM CIRCLE for their effort to strengthen SNATTA in Assam Circle and their formation of Circle body. SNATTA CHQ congratulates all newly elected Office Bearers.

Please Click here for more details.

09.03.2015 Minutes of SNATTA CEC Meeting held on 26-02-2015 at New Delhi

Click here

 07.03.2015United Forum Press Release on dated 04-03-2015:

Click here

03.03.2015United Forum Circular Dated 02-03-2015:

Click here

01.03.2015 Meeting of the Forum held on 27th February 2015:

Click here

01.03.2015 CEC meeting on dated 26-02-2015 at New Delhi:

SNATTA CHQ held a successful CEC meeting on dated 26-02-2015 at New Delhi and discussed all the agendas as notified. Detailed Minutes of Meeting will be uploaded soon.

01.03.2015 SNATTA CHQ heartily congratulates Smt. Sujata Ray on her selection of Director (HR) BSNL, as post of Director (HR) laying vacant since last three years in BSNL. We hope all pending HR issues in BSNL will be settled very soon. 

Com. A. Muralidharan, DS-SNATTA-TRICHY, Veteran Sergeant of Indian Air Force, Retiring Superannuation on 28/02/2015. SNATTA CHQ Extends best wishes for his peaceful retirement life

01.03.2015 A massive parliamentary march was conducted by BSNL employees on 25th Feb 2015:

As per United Forum call, on the Wednesday early morning BSNL employees from every corner of India reached and assembled at Janpath, New Delhi. More than 5000 employees participated in the event, all formed in a line with slogans of "Save BSNL Save India" and headed for a massive parliamentary march. Really a massive march with huge number of participants from both Non-Executives and Executives of our organization. About 150 SNATTAians participated; lakhs of Signatures from all over nation were collected and kept in the Van. The van with lakhs of signatures stood in front of the march and headed towards parliament. And then followed by march of United Forum leaders, leaders of Unions and Associations, and then followed by leaders and members of United Forums of Circles, Units, SSAs, etc. The rally reached Jantar Mantar at Parliament. The thousands of BSNL employees who participated in the March to the Parliament were stopped at Jantar Mantar by the police, where a huge meeting of addressing the rally participants, press, etc took place. Central Trade Union leaders and MPs addressed the March of BSNL employees at Jantar Mantar. It was addressed by com. Tapan Sen, MP, com. Brajesh Upadhyay, GS, BMS, com. Amarjit Kaur, Secretary, AITUC, com. Shiv Gopal Mishra, GS, AIRF, Shri Dharam Veer Gandhi, MP (AAP), com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Convener, Forum, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, Com. C. Singh, GS, NFTE, com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA, com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, com. R.C. Pande, GS, BTEU, com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS, com. Sunil Gautam, AGS, SNATTA, com. R.P. Sahu, GS, AIGETOA and com. Hari Singh, Dy.GS, BTU. Then after the huge meeting, the Memorandum on BSNL'S sustainable revival was submitted to the Prime Minister's Office. The memorandum on BSNL'S sustainable revival, on which lakhs of signatures of the people of this country were collected, was submitted to the Prime Minister's Office by the leaders of the Forum.

For Photos Click Here

22.02.2015Signature compaign at Sriganganagar SSA Rajasthan.  

All India President R Khanna address the house.  Dist secretary SNATTA Mr Rahul chouhan,  Sh Amarjeet  singh did special efforts for this campaign. Chq organizing Sec (NFTE) Mr Dalip  Soni attended  the  campaign.  Dist Secretaries Sh  Achal Bhayana  AIBSNLEA,  ADS BSNLEU  AJEET GIRI, SH L R VERMA VICE PRESIDENT CHQ BSNLMS ATTENDED THE FUNCTION.  All leaders of BSNL UNIONS and ASSOCIATIONS Graced.  More than   10000 Signature collected.

For photos Click Here

20.02.2015CHQ is delighted to inform that Bidar SSA has done a marvelous job in conducting the Signature Campaign. Bidar is a very small SSA in Karnataka circle, with total employees strength of 240. Their quota of signatures to be collected, as per the decision of the All India Forum is 12,000 (240×50). Whereas the Bidar have collected 15,400 signatures. CHQ feels proud of the Bidar SSA.

20.02.2015Forum convention of Siliguri was held on 17 th Feb 2015, huge gathering was there. Com Nambodiri, National Forum Convener , Com Animesh Mitra Convener Forum WBTC, Com Pulak Ganguly, Convener Forum , Siliguri & VP/NFTE,  Com Jagannath Sarkar Circle president SNATTA WB, Com Soumitra Paul  DS SNATTA Siliguri & others were attended the meeting and delivered their valuable speech for the gatherings.


For Photos Click Here

19.02.2015A Circle level convention organizes by united forum of BSNL unions/associations at PGMTD building Jaipur. Attended by our All India President Mr. Rajender Khanna and AGS Mr. A R Jangid, President addressed house. More than 1000 comrades attended the convention. All circle office bearers of SNATTA Rajasthan attended function with full enthusiasm. A special meeting organizes with GS BSNLEU and President NFTE and detailed discussion made regarding 30% superannuation benefits, Designation change, JTO RR2014, EMS result and Tamilnadu Circle JTO LICE result issues.

For Photos Click Here

19.02.2015A massive convention was organized by circley level forum of union/association at patna on 18th Feb 2015.vijay kumar, circle secretary attended and addressed the huge gathering assembled in the convention on behalf of SNATTA. Convention was presided order by presidium. Of all the circle president of constituents unions/association of the forum and addressed by com.chandeshwar singh, g.s nfte, com. Arbind dahia,AGS snea(I), com.swapn charawaty , DyGS bsnleu and Manoj kumar Jha of bteu( bsnl).our circle secretary, vijay kumar appealed to worker to participate in parliament march on 25th feb 2015 and make preparation to make the indefinite strike w.e.f 17 march a grant success.

17.02.2015 Shri Amit khan ,CS SNATTAWB along Mohan Paul DP/KSH/SNATTA, Manick Mandal/KSH/SNATTA, Sri Tapas Sarkar, ADS/SNATTA/KSH  & others, Prabir bannerjee, convener forum, krishnagar, bidhan pramanik, DS BSNLEU, R.k.sen , DS SNEA, UK das ,DS AIBSNLEA and all other members attended the convention& the leaders of various union  delivered the valuable speech. Meeting concluded with full of enthusiasm. The forum leaders requested the members to make the campaign a great success.

For photos Click Here

17.02.2015 Very successful convention and signature campaign at Raiganj SSA of westbengal Circle. Sri Sukumar Chanda, Asstt Circle Secretary, snattawb along with others represented snattawb in the meeting. The forum leaders delivered their enthusiastic speeches to make the campaign a success.

For photos Click Here

09.02.2015   FORUM meeting with CMD attended by Acting GS Sunil Gautam. In case of 30% superannuation benefit for DR recruited management is agree to extend 3% extra contribution in existing 18% and review every year till superannuation benefit reached 30% as per financial condition of BSNL but Direct Recruits Executive association requested to review the decision before implementation as they have submitted the documents as asked by management in support of our demands. HR plan based on Deolittee committee recommendation rejected by staff side members and demand separate discussion on that but because all issues struck in Board of Directors in the name of HR Plan so CMD intervene and agree to take up this issue separately within the week.
Minutes of meeting maybe released soon.


Click here

06.02.2015  Save BSNL Save Nation Convention held on 04-02-15 at Ludhiana (Punjab)

For minutes of meeting CLICK HERE

06.02.2015 Forum meeting attended by President and Acting GS SNATTA on 5/2/2015 at BSNLMS office Delhi. Preparation points regarding Parliament march and indefinite strike discussed in meeting. All CSs/CCs are requested to assure their presence in parliament march. Circles are also requested to gear up the programs of Signature campaign, circle level conventions and also do their best efforts to making this event grand successful as it is do or die situation for us. Kindly assure to provide sufficient signature collection from each circle and send it to GS SNATTA address.

05.02.2015 A successful forum signature campaign was arranged in PATLIPUTRA Exchange under PATNA SSA of Bihar Circle...Circle Coordinator of BIHAR Circle SNATTA had attended the meeting and delivered his valuable speech to the gatherings....other union leaders of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, NFTE, BTEU and others were present.

For photos Click Here

02.02.2015A successful forum signature campaign was arranged in BARASAT under Kolkata SSA of WestBengal Circle......District Secretary /snatta/kolkata SSA had attended the meeting and delivered his valuable speech to the gatherings....other union leaders of BSNLEU, SNEA, AIBSNLEA and others were present.

For Photos Click Here

02.02.2015A grand meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions and associations has taken place at Durgapur, WB. Representative of BSNLEU com Animesh mitra,cs/BSNLEU  , SNATTA com Debashish chakrabarty,cc/snattawbtc and others,  SNEA, AIBSNLEA, attended the meeting. A vibrant speech has been delivered by Com Animesh Mitra CS BSNLEU WBTC. He has clearly explained the present grief situation of BSNL, and anti organization policy adopted by Management and Union Govt. He emphasized for teamwork for executive and non executive employees, and overall participation of all trades to improve the service of BSNL and make it a profit making unit.

For Photos click here.

31.01.2015 Notification of CEC on 26-02-2015 at New Delhi

SNATTA Chq has taken a decision to call CEC meet on 26-02-2015 at New Delhi. As you are aware of that as per agitation program of FORUM there is parliament march on 25-02-2015 and Chq committed more than 100 participants so to make it successful and meet our requirement on next day circles representative play a role in strategic planning for future course of action.
Point to be discuss in CEC:-

  1. Pay disparity issue as of now
  2. JTO RR 2014 implication
  3. Designation Change status
  4. View on fund collection
  5. Discussion on partial implementation of JTO-LICE result in case of ESM
  6. Review of JTO LICE 2013 by adopting the uniform policy in evaluation.
  7. 30% superannuation benefit w.r.t. management proposed 3% extra in 18%.
  8. Amendment in MTRR for inclusion of TTAs
  9. Inclusion of Executive CUG in Rs 200 SIM.
  10. Implementation of Non-executive transfer policy.
  11. Discussion on yearly program of CHQ.
  12. Any issue with permission of chair.

You are, therefore, request to kindly confirm your presence in the meeting at New Delhi. CHQ expect intimation from circle well in advance to make an arrangement.











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