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As per development of situation due to management activity it is very much evident that we have to go for Legal Battle in various issues like JTO LICE,30% Fitment benefit or MT RR etc in very near future.

SNATTA CHQ once again requesting to all circles and SSAs to initiate funding to CHQ fund and make our association confident enough to battle through the hurdles.

SNATTA Bank Account Details:


A/C Number : 204010100060738

Branch:AXIS BANK LTD, Rohtak, Haryana


11.02.2016 On the 6th of Feb 2016 a SNATTA WB Circle conducted a successful CEC at Kolkata CTO building. Noted participants from different SSA’s like siliguri, kharagpur, malda, raignaj, Asansol, jalapaiguri, krishnanagar, Purulia and including host SSA Kolkata were present in the event.CHQ congratulates SNATTA WB for conducting the CEC successfully.


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09.02.2016 GS writes to GM (Estt.) requesting him to reserve vacancy for the JTO LICE(2013) qualified Ex-Servicemen.


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08.02.2016 GS Addressing SNEA CWC meet at Kolkata on 08.02.2016
Our GS Shri Anup Mukherjee was invited in the event of SNEA CWC on 08.02.2016 at Kolkata.He received a very warm welcome from SNEA.His address to the house made an overwhelming response in the audience.We congratulate SNEA for successfully conducting the CWC.

02.02.2016 GS writes to GM (Recruitment) regarding standard of Question paper and conduction of mock test for the forthcoming LICE of JTO(T)


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02.02.2016 SNATTA WB Circle is going to organise Circle Executive Committee meeting on 06.02.2016 at 10 a.m to 5 p.m at CTO Institute Hall,Kolkata.In this regard,all Circle executive body member alongwith respective DP, DP and DTs of West Bengal Circle are hereby requested to attend the meeting without fail.

29.01.2016 Corporate Office issued Order for holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination(LICE) for promotion to the post of JUNIOR TELECOM OFFICER (TELECOM)


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27.01.2016 Many circles have already sent their delegation details for upcoming CEC on 28.02.2016.Rest circles please send the details quickly.

27.01.2016 SNATTA CTD Circle organized a annual GB cum CEC meeting on 21 Jan 2016 at CTO Hall, Kolkata from 11:30 A.M with its full strength and vigour.Circle body is pleased to see the enthusiasm and energy bestowed by the new armies( SNATTANs of 2010,2012,2014 Batch).CC/CP/CS emphasized on unity and organization value of association and also criticized apathy and biased attitude of management against DR TTA issues. SNATTA CTD urged to involve DR TTAs for development and the very requirement of their internal smile before delivering smiling service to customers. SNATTA CTD conveyed the gatherings,"This association will motivate its members for the positive growth of BSNL."


An open session organized with a topic "CURRENT SITUATION OF BSNL,CALCUTTA TELEPHONES & FUTURE CHALLENGES AND ROLE OF DR TTAS".Our respected guests Sri Debasis Sarkar (GM/CMTS) , Sri K C Ghosh (GM/CFA),GS TEU,CS BSNLEU, CS NFTE delivered their valuable speech minutely with data and narrated the future goals of BSNL, CTD development. At the end of Open session our respected GS Sri Anup Mukherjee delivered a vibrating and enthusiastic speech along with DR TTA's burning issues and looks of Corporate Office towards DR TTAs and also elaborated why DR TTAs are inclusive factor of development in present scenario and why this cadre needs to be nurtured well against negative exploitation. The spirited house reciprocated our GS with a united sound of LONG LIVE SNATTA, SNATTA JINDABAD repeatedly.


The CEC meeting started at 1600 Hrs keeping the agenda points sent by SNATTA CHQ and everybody opined another core committee meeting very shortly for elaborate discussion and resolution.


Before concluding the day by distributing Diary-2016, Calendars and sweets among members, the circle restructuring took place with the inclusion of three new DR TTAs in circle body without changing old body and the same was endorsed by CC SNATTA CTD and GS SNATTA CHQ.


CHQ congratulates SNATTA CTD for organising the grand GB cum CEC yet another year.

23.01.2016 All circles are requested to send their delegation details for upcoming SNATTA CEC on 28.02.2016 so that a good arragement can be done.Thank you.

23.01.2016 General body meeting of Gangtok SSA took place on 16.01.2016 at Main Telephone Exchange,Gangtok.The meeting started at 2 p.m till 4 p.m.Various agendas were discussed in the meeting.The main points were:

1. SSA wise unity among all TTAs has been sorted out.

2. SSA fund collection matter was overviewed with great concern.

3. Designation change of TTA to JE


5. Persuation of Stipend arrears and one increment related issue.

6.A decision has been taken to conduct a general meeting in every two months.


A new SSA body has also been formed .


District President Bhaichung Bhutia
District Secretary Rakesh Roshan Gurung
Organising Secretary Suresh Adhikari
Asst. District Secretary Mirak Shaw
Treasurer Rewang Jordan Bhutia
Executive Member Pradeep Pradhan
Prakash Bista Chettri
Om Prakash Sharma
Tekendra Subedi
Dil Kumar Biswakaram
Sailendra Lama
Dechen Wangmo Yolmo
Chunnu Kumar
Nar Bhadur Chettri

CHQ whole heartedly congratulates the newly formed SSA body for their new responsibility.


18.01.2016 SNATTA CEC on 28.02.2016 at New Delhi

It has been decided to conduct SNATTA CEC on 28.02.2016 (Sunday) at New Delhi. All SNATTA Circle office bearers are hereby requested to make it convinient to attend the said meeting without fail. Also they are requested to send their delegation list well advanced to .The agenda points of CEC are :

-> JTO LICE related discussion and future course of action.

-> Wage erosion related future course of action.

-> Legal activity decision regarding NEPP issues.

-> Fund Collection program (Procedure to be adopted by Circles) ·

-> 30% Superannuation benefit, future course of action.

-> Any other issue with the permission of Chair/House.

It is also adviced to Circles to conduct a circle level CEC to discuss those issues beforehand .


18.01.2016 GS wrote letter to NCM Secretary regarding some vital long pending issues of DR TTAs as follows:


1. Rectification of the Wage loss to the Direct Recruited TTAs


2.Extension of one increment order to all those who joined in respect to the advertisement that of basic-pay 7100-200-10100 regarding


3.Uniform NEPP


4.Uniform treatment in all circles/SSAs for Rule 8 waiting

13.01.2016 Our President Sh. R Khanna,Dy GS Sh. Sunil Gautam met with GM(Estt) and discussed about the pending vacancies from circles. SNATTA delegation gave a letter in which a table format is incorporated by which BSNL HQR may acquire exact vacancy information from circles. Also, answer about NTR vacancy had been received.


After that, the delegation attended FORUM Meeting regarding SWAS Campaign and also submitted SNATTA’s suggestion regarding that.


Later, another meeting took place with DGM(Rectt) & AGM(Rectt) regarding various possibilities which can cause delay in LICE. Recruitment Cell assured, there will be no delay from their section at all.


All CS are requested to have year wise and category wise vacancies in their circle. CHQ is trying its best to expedite the whole process of LICE.

13.01.2016 Congratulations SNATTA UP(West) for the newly elected Circle body Members. CHQ wishes best of luck to all elected circle body members and we have full faith in your leadership.












Sh. Raj Kumar Upadhyay


Central Co- Ordinator


Sh. Md. Zubair Ahmad


Asst. Circle Secretary


Sh. Sanjeev Pal


Asst. Central Co- Ordinator


Sh. Nitin Sharma


Asst. Circle Secretary


Sh. Vipin Kumar Prajapati


Circle President


Sh. Brij Pal


Circle Treasurer


Sh. Manoj Mishra


Circle Vice President


Sh. Shashank


Asst. Circle Treasurer


Sh. Inder Pal Gangwar


Circle Vice President


Sh. Ajay Pal Singh


Circle Organising Secretary


Sh. Ajay Kumar


Circle Vice President


Sh. Ashutosh Yadav


Circle Organising Secretary


Sh. Hemkant


Circle Vice President


Sh. Pushpendra Saini


Circle Organising Secretary


Sh. Abhishek Sharma


Circle Secretary


Sh. Alok Bharadwaj


Circle Organising Secretary


Sh. Neel Kamal


Asst. Circle Secretary


Sh. Ajeet Yadav


Executive Member


Sh. Harinder Singh


Asst. Circle Secretary


Sh. Shiv Singh


Executive Member



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10.01.2016 SNATTIANS of CTD conducted a massive CGM Gherao Campaign in protest of negligence of BSNL CTD Management for arresting of ACS SNATTA CTD Sh. Soumya Acharya by RPF on duty.The incident was as follows:


"Soumya Acharya was been instructed by his SDE to conduct the roadshow and SWAS Programme.So he persued his duty and went to the spot along with another staff.In the middle of roadshow,RPF inspector visited the spot and enquired about permission to conduct the roadshow.Then it has been found that SDE had taken VERBAL PERMISSION ONLY.So Soumya got arrested and has been put behind bar.Later he got bail Personally.His SDE went to Bally GRP but his voice have not helped Soumya to stop the charge of arrest.When contacted with GM,Area Manager etc.they showed only their back on the incident telling that they are very busy in MEETING."


As the incident with Soumya Acharya occurred on 7th Jan,SNATTA CTD immediately decided to rush the CGM office the next day.CTD Leaders merely had 15 hours to organise and thanks to all brothers and sisters for their tremendous and enourmous support for SNATTA,they made a gathering of about 450-500 TTAs in front of CGM Office.The massiveness of their slogan may have heard outside of Telephone Bhawan.The campaign started from 12:00 p.m,SNATTIANS roamed the whole Telephone Bhawan with Slogans of "Suraksha nehi, to Kaam Nehi","Kaam ke waqt Suraksh do" etc.After that they sat infront of CGM Office,the corridor had nothing left to occupy.Meantime,CGM Office repeatedly requested to SNATTA CTD leaders to sit on discussion.But they gheraoed CGM Sir further.At around 2 P.M, they decided to go for meeting with CGM Sir.In the meeting,our beloved GS Sh. Anup Mukherjee was present along with other eminent SNATTA circle leaders and Sh. Soumya Acharya himself.From management side,along with CGM,all other responsible management person like GM(HR & Admin),GM(West),DGM,Area Manager SMP,DE etc. were present.Meeting went for around 2 hrs,and the outcomes were quite satsfactory.

1. The whole CTD management is convinced that they had accute negligence on the issue.

2. CGM told they will do whatever it takes to bring back Soumya Acharya clean.

3. A strong investigation committe will be formed and CGM himself will lead the committee.The committee will submit the report within 7 days.

4. Strong Departmental action will be taken thereof.

5. CGM assured ,CTD management will provide full security to its staff.

SNATTA CTD have also told to Management that,the assurance they gave must be kept,otherwise they will initiate a row of campaign until and unless the justice is met.Later,SNATTA CTD we called off for the day with slogans of SNATTA Jindabad. 


Click Here for Photos


09.01.2016 SNATTA Amritsar SSA district body formation and an important meeting will take place on 10/01/2016 (Sunday) at Albert Road Telephone Exchange in Retries Room.All TTAs of Amritsar SSA is hereby requested to to attend this meeting.


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06.01.2016 As promised by DIR (HR),BSNL in the meeting on 28.12.2015, the result of JTO LICE for ESM candidates in UP (W) has published today.So, another practical outcome of the meeting has come up.However, CHQ congratulates all the successful candidates best wish. We reckon ,all the successful candidates will be sent for JTO (T) induction training soon.


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04.01.2016 Corporate Office issued a Pre Notification letter regarding JTO(LICE) under 50% internal quota.We consider this a success of Meeting between DIR(HR) and GM (Estt.) and our SNATTA Core team.We congratulate GS,President,Dy GS and AGS SNATTA and also entire SNATTA family for their rigorus effort towards conducting the JTO(LICE).


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02.01.2016 Click Here for Photos of SNATTA UP (W) Grand Circle Conference

02.01.2016 District welfare Meeting (DWC) meeting of SNATTA Rajkot branch took place on 30.12.2015, 1700 Hrs at Rajkot.Sh. V K Oza, District President, presided over the meeting.


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01.01.2016 Inaguration of 100 days SWAS (Service with a smile) by Forum of Unions & Associations Sriganganagar Rajasthan including President (CHQ) SNATTA R.Khanna, DS SNATTA Sh. Rahul Chauhan, Distt President sh. Deepak saraswat, Chq vice President SNEA sh. S L Sharma, CHQ organising secretary Sh. D K Soni, DS BSNLEU/Convener forum, DS SNEA Sh. D P Mahajan, DS AIBSNLEA sh. Axhal Bhayana and officers/Employees. All took Pratgya for Better services with smile to our esteemed customers.

01.01.2016 FORUM of BSNL Unions and Associations is launching the “Service With A Smile” (SWAS) programme on 1st January, 2016. The SWAS will be a 100 days programme. During these 100 days, a powerful drive will be conducted throughout the country, by the entire Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL, to give special focus to customer care, to improve the quality of service and to substantially increase the number of landline, mobile, broadband and leased line customers. To achieve these goals, the following steps may be meticulously taken by the employees.


Click Here for Detailed Program

31.12..2015 Congratulation SNATTA UP(West) for the Grand Circle Conference

UP(west) circle conference conducted successfully in a grand way  in Meerut SSA on 29.12.2015 (Tuesday).The Conference was inagurated by respected and hon'ble CGM UP(W) and GM/Admin & HR  in the morning.After that DGM/ Admin , Meerut had presented his thoughts.

Dice was full with a long list of Hon'red Guests, especially  our GS , All India President , DGS , AGS  & DS , DP of Meerut SSA.

Also Circle Secretary of NFTE , BSNL EU , AIEBSNLEA , BETU ,SC/ ST Association ( on behalf of him SDE IT Meerut attended) , District Secretary NFTE , SC/ ST Association  , SNEA ( SDE Transmission ) attended the function.

CHQ congratulates all the TTAs of entire UP(W) Circle and specially to Meerut team for successfully conducting the event and making it a grand success.Full details of the event along with photos will be updated soon.

29.12..2015 On 28.12.2015 (Monday), our President, GS, Dy GS,AGS Mr. R K Upadhyay, AGS Mr. A R Jangid, Pawan Verma (CP Punjab) and Vinay Bhatia attended meeting with DIR(HR). General outcomes of the meeting as follws:


1. A time bound strict/warning remimder letter will be issued to remaining circles which have not sent vacancy status. Dir HR assured to expedite the process and requested to have patient with co operation.


2. NEPP issue needs more discussion/persuasion.


3. In ESM issue management assured to declare the result of UP(west) circle. Dir HR assured to send the qualified JTOs on phase I training immediately after result of UP(W).


4. Dir(HR) assured to consider educational qualification insertion in record in service book.


A separate meeting regarding LICE Notification process is scheduled on 30th with GM(Estt).



21.12.2015 New Adhoc body for SNATTA UP(W) has been formed as most of the SNATTA office bearers of UP(W) has been promoted to JTO by JTO LICE 2013.Therefore Central Co-Ordinator UP(W) Sh Amit Gupta ji has dissolved exixting body and also resigned from his post of CC .The Adhoc body formed thereafter is mentioned below:


Sh. Raj kumar Upadhyay TTA Mathura SSA Central Co-Ordinator, SNATTA UP(W)
Sh. Abhisek Sharma TTA Meerut SSA Circle Secretary, SNATTA UP(W)
Sh. Brij Pal TTA Meerut SSA Circle Tresurer, SNATTA UP(W)



Since Circle Conference is necessary for formation of Core Committee of SNATTA UP (W),we are glad to inform you that Meerut SSA have volunteered to conduct the same.We wish that the Circle Conference will take place soon in Meerut.Congratulations once again to Adhoc body.


Click Here for Letter of Resignation and Adhoc body


Click Here for Proposal to Conduct Circle Conference in Meerut SSA

21.12..2015 SNATTA Nagaur team along with AGS Sh. A R Jangid and DS Sh. C P Meena,welcomed CGMT Rajasthan Sh R K Misra. CGMT,Rajasthan appreciated TTA cadre for their dedicated effort towards revival of BSNL.


CHQ congratulates SNATTA Rajsthan as well as SNATTA Nagaur Team.



Click Here for Photos

19.12.2015 GS writes letter to Dir (HR),BSNL regarding various prevailing issues of TTAs like Delay in Notification for JTO LICE, NEPP issue of DRTTAs and Ex-Servicemen related issues.


GS, Dy GS and President will meet DIR(HR) on 28.12.2015. So all SNATTAians are requested that if they have any kinds of suggestions and/or supportive documents regarding these issues,please share it with CHQ and mail at for making our purpose of meeting more successful.


Click Here for Letter

18.12.2015 FORUM writes letter to Shri Narendra Modi , hon'ble Prime Minister of India,concerning BSNL' s role in restoring normal life and serving people not only during the recent Chennai Flood,but every time India faced any natural disaster or calamity. Therefore Govt. should also raise helping hand towards BSNL and and allow to install equipments into Govt premises.


Click Here for Letter to Hon'ble PM, Shri Narendra Modi

15.12.2015 FORUM writes letter to Secretary DOT regarding delay in extending the benefit of 78.2% IDA fitment to the Retired BSNL employees – holding protest demonstrations on 22.12.2015, wearing black badges.


Click Here for Letter

18.12..2015 Silchar SSA , Assam Telecom Circle have deposited Rs. 3000 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to the TTAs of Silchar SSA for their valuable contribution.

15.12.2015 For the formation of SNATTA Circle Body in UP (West),CHQ is hereby nominating Sh. Raj Kumar Upadhyay and Sh. Abhishek Sharma to conduct Circle Conference and elect the Circle Body by transparent means,vide this circular.


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15.12.2015 Circular of FORUM of BSNL Unions/Associations for the meeting held on 10.12.2015


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15.12.2015 Minutes of the Meeting of Joint Committee for Change of Designations of Non Executive employees in BSNL held on 11.12.2015.


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08.12.2015 Newly formed district body of Meerut SSA is going to meet General Manager of Meerut SSA for a cordial introductory meeting and also giving representation about our beloved association SNATTA. CHQ always appreciates this kinds of movement to make a good impression as well as a good relation of our association.


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08.12..2015 Karwar SSA , Karnataka Telecom Circle have deposited Rs. 5000 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to the TTAs of Karwar SSA for their valuable contribution.

08.12.2015 Message from Circle Secretary, SNATTA ( UP West):


"Friends as you all know that there is no active Circle Body in UP(West). So for electing new Circle Body a Circle Conference is required.CHQ had also asked to conduct a Circle Conference. Hence whichever SSA under UP(West) is willing to conduct Circle Conference  should send their proposal to:


Mail ID


In the Circle Conference, a general election will be conducted for the following Post:


1. Circle Sceretary

2. 4 Assistant Circle Sceretary

3. Circle President

4. 4 Assistant Circle President

5. Central Co-ordinator

6. 2 Assistant Central Co-ordinator

7. Cashier

8. 1 Assistant Cashier


It is also requested to all SSAs to send their proposal for the above said Posts to the said Email Id. It is also requested to all SSAs(specially Gaziabad , Bareliy , Eta , Etawah , Manipuri etc. and Some TTAs of Shahranpur SSA also) to collect and send fund for Circle Conference. "

04.12.2015 Details of meetings conducted by President, Dy. GS and AGS in Corporate Office on 02.12.2015


Click Here for Details

03.12.2015 Our GS Sri Anup Mukherjee have written letter to GS(Estt.) regarding early conduction of JTO LICE 2015.


It is worth mentiong that our Dy.GS Sri Sunil Gautam have acted marvelously and spared his sweat to distribute copy of the letter to all layers of BSNL management as well as all BSNL unions.


Click Here for the Letter

03.12.2015 On 02.12.2015, our all india President, Dy. GS and AGS met with top level BSNL management GM(Estt.),GM(Rest) and Sr. GM(SR) to discuss about our various pending issues specially JTO LICE. Discussions were very positive. Details of the meetings will be updated later.

24.11.2015 Tezpur SSA , Assam Telecom Circle have deposited Rs. 2400 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Tezpur SSA for their valuable contribution.

24.11.2015 Clarifications had been asked by various BSNL circles whether officiating JTOs are to be sent for Phase I training by reverting them to the post of TTA cadre or not. BSNL HQR have replied that all the screening test qualified TTAs who are officiating as JTOs may be sent for Phase I training directly without reverting them to the post of TTA.


Click Here for Order

22.11.2015 Circle body of Punjab Circle has been updated. CHQ congratulates all the Office bearers of Punjab Circle .


Click Here for Details

19.11.2015 BSNL is witnessing signs of revival as it reported an operating profit of Rs.672 crore for the financial year 2015.Last Year the operating loss was Rs.691 crore.


Click here for full news

16.11.2015 A Sad News: Our beloved friend Sardar Hardeep Singh,TTA Pathankot SSA,Punjab appointed at SDCA/Gurdaspur has been expired in a fatal Road Accident in Canada on dated 29.10.2015.His cremation has been done at Gurdaspur on 13.11.2015.

We pray to God for his devine soul may Rest In Peace

12.11.2015 SNATTA NADIAD SSA ,Rajasthan Circle district GB MEET conducted on 24/10/2015 at LIONS CLUB HALL, Anand, Gujarat. In the said meeting,a newly elected district body has been formed.


The follwoing Members are elected as NEW DISTRICT OFFICE BEARERS for Nadiad SSA:

Post Name
District President Shri.Tejas M Thoria
Vice District President Shri. Amarmani G Tripathi
District Secretary Shri. Kalpesh H Sangada
Asst District Secretary Shri. Jitendra K Dalwadi
District Treasurer Shri. Mehul P Devaliya
District Auditor

Shri. Vishal M Ka Patel

District Co ordinator (City) Shri. Kirit R Gadhvi
District Co ordinator (Rural 1) Shri. Mrugesh B Patel
District Co ordinator (Rural 2) Shri. Prakash R Prajapati
Organisation Secretary Shri. Sandip V Parekh
Shri. Ajit Pandey


CHQ congratulates all the newly elected members best wishes for their new responsibilities.


Click Here for Minutes of Meeting

Click Here for Photos


12.11.2015 SNATTA JALPAIGURI SSA WB Circle conducted a district meeting on 06.11.2015 at TRCI Hall, Main Telephone Exchange Jalpaiguri.In the said meeting,a newly elected district body has been formed.


The follwoing Members are elected as NEW DISTRICT OFFICE BEARERS for Jalpaiguri SSA:

Post Name
District President Smt.Barsa Saha (Roy Sarkar)
Vice District President Shri. Aktar Ali

Shri. Parijat Ghosg

District Secretary Shri. Abhishek Rana
District Co ordinator

Shri. Gourhari Barnik

Asst District Secretary Shri. Nur Alam
District Treasurer Smt. Poulami Biswas
Asst District Treasurer Shri. Hirakjyoti Sarkar
Organisation Secretary Shri. Suman Das
Executive Member Shri. Dipankar Roy
Shri. Jaydip Basu
Shri. Bitan Ghosh
Shri. Palash Sarkar


CHQ congratulates all the newly elected members best wishes for their new responsibilities.


Click Here for Details


09.11.2015 Congratulations SNATTA UP(East) for your wholehearted contribution of a total of Rs. 21400 towards CHQ Fund. CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all TTAs of Every SSAs of UP(East) Circle for the valuable contribution they poured in.


Click Here for Details

05.11.2015 MINUTES of Extended CWC of Rajasthan Circle and PHOTOS


Click Here for Minutes


Click Here for Photos

03.11.2015 SNATTA Circle Office bearers(Specially CS,CP,CC) are once again requested to approach to their respective BSNL Circle Head Office for fast processing of JTO LICE.They are requested to ensure that,BSNL Circle head office,in their feedack to BSNL HQR,should mention the necessity of adequate number of JTOs in their circle.Also it is adviced to ensure that the calculated vacancy in their circle for JTO LICE is maximum and adequate.

01.11.2015 GS writes letter to DIR(HR) BSNL regarding Prevailing Issues of TTA Cadre


Click Here for Letter

01.11.2015 A Grand Extended CWC meeting of Rajasthan circle took place in Jaipur on 25/10/2015. The program is graced  by Hon'le CGMT & Sr. GM(Admn) having a huge gathering of 90 delegates from 17 SSAs.  SNATTA CHQ Thanks to All Rajasthan team for making such a grand & memorable event. Minutes of meeting with snaps will be uploaded soon.

26.10.2015 GS writes letter to GM(Estt) regarding "Declaration of JTO (T) LICE 2013 Result of Ex-Servicemen TTAs in UP (W) Telecom Circle".


Click Here for Letter

26.10.2015 SNATTA TN,ERODE SSA DISTRICT GB MEET was held on 11/10/2015 at TELEPHONE BHAVAN,ERODE.Tamilnadu.


Shri Prabhu DP presided over the meeting.


Shri Saravana murthy.DS, welcome the gathering and explain about the past activities of the SNATTA in  both SSA and CIRCLE.


Chief guest Shri Alagupandiaraja CS gives the special address with covers all the topics such as JTO LICE RESULT,JTO LICE COURT CASE,SLP at SC, JTO RR2015,NEPP, 1 INCREMENT ISSUE,FUNDING ....etc.



Post Name
District President Shri.P.Sakthivel, TTA, BSS, Dharpuram
Vice District President Shri. S.Mahendran, TTA, Chithode Exge
District Secretary Shri. D.Mohan, TTA, BSS, Erode
Asst District Secretary Shri. G. Sugumar, TTA, IT Cell, Erode
District Treasurer Shri. J.Vasanthakumar, TTA, MCCC, Erode
District Auditor Smt. S.M.Sumasanthi, TTA, CDR, Erode
Organisation Secretary Shri S. Chandrasekar, TTA, BSS, Sathy
Selvi. M.Banupriya, TTA, MBM, Perundurai
Shri. J.Kumaresan, TTA, Dharapuram Exge
Shri. C.Arunkumar, TTA, Vellakoil Exge


Finally Shri SYED DT delivered vote of thanks.




Shri S.P.Kannan VP presided over the meeting.


Shri R.Muniyandi.DS, welcome the gathering and explain about the past activities of the SNATTA in  both SSA and CIRCLE.


Circle treasurar Shri KESAVAN explain about the status of the court cases and circle fund status,also the importants of the funding. 


Shri Alagupandiaraja CS gives the special address with covers all the topics such as JTO LICE RESULT,JTO LICE COURT CASE,SLP at SC, JTO RR2014,NEPP, 1 INCREMENT ISSUE,FUNDING ...etc.



Post Name
District President Shri.A.CHITHAIAH. Madurai.
Vice District President Shri. S.P.KANNAN. Madurai
District Secretary Shri. G.SHANMUGARAJ,
Asst District Secretary Shri. K.SATHAPPAN. Madurai
District Treasurer Smt. SATHYA PRIYA  Madurai 
District Auditor Shri. AMUTH PACKIYAM  Madurai
Organisation Secretary Shri. SURESH KANNAN  Madurai
Shri. PAGALAVAN   Madurai 


Finally Shri Sathappan DT delivered vote of thanks.


16.10.2015 Corporate Office issued letter to all Heads of Telecom Circle,BSNL to initiate Regularization of Officiating JTOs as per Provisions of Recruitment Rules of JTO(T) 2014. Also it has been directed to calculate JTO Vacancies under 50% Departmental quota as on 31.03.2016.



SNATTA Circle Office bearers(Specially CS,CP,CC)are hereby requested to write letter/make representation (mentionting this Order) with the Telecom Head of the respective circle for prompt implementation of this order. Also they are requested to keep copy of the Vacancy Calculation Report of their respective circle.This task should be done on urgent basis.


Click Here for the LETTER

15.10.2015 JTO RR 2014 Click Here

15.10.2015 District Conference of SNATTA Meerut SSA UP(West) will be held on 30.10.2015 at G.P.O Compond Hall,Meerut.All SSA members are requested to attend this meeting and participate in the discusssion.


CHQ is also pleased to inform all that Sri Abhisek Sharma has been nominated as Circle Council Member of UP (West) Circle.


Click Here Meeting Notice


Click Here for Circle Council Nomination for UP(W)

15.10.2015 In the FORUM meeting held on 12.10.2015, decision has been taken for holding countrywide Dharna on 19.10.2015 demanding immediate payment of Adhoc PLI .


Click Here

15.10.2015 Meeting of FORUM of BSNL Unions and Associations took place on 12.10.2015 at BSNL MS Office. Dy. GS Sri Sunil Gautam ji participated in the said meeting.



15.10.2015 BSNL CO issued order for revised IDA rates at 107.9% w.e.f 01.10.2015


Click Here for Order

13.10.2015 GS writes letter to GM(Estt) regarding "Deployment of Ex-servicemen TTAs for Field Training on Completion of Phase-I Training ".


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13.10.2015 SNATTA Krishan SSA A.P Circle have deposited Rs. 7000 towrads CHQ Fund on 13.10.15.CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all TTAs of Krishan SSA for the valuable support they poured in.

13.10.2015 The District Conference of SNATTA Jhansi SSA took place on 11.10.2015. In the said meeting,a new district body has been formed.


Post Name
District President
R.D Kushwaha
Vice District President
Vandana ji
District Secretary
Prashant Sharma
District Cashier
Ankush Khurana
Vice District Cashier
Deepti Gupta
Asst.District Secretary
Ravindra Kosta
Asst. organizer
Vivek Verma


SNATTA CHQ congratulates all the newly elected Office Bearers and wishes them all the success.

11.10.2015 President Shri Rajendra Khanna, DyGS Shri Sunil Gautam and AGS Shri R K Upadhayay Ji met with Director HR,BSNL along with GM(Estt), SrGM(SR) and GM(Rectt) over a very cordial meeting to discuss the following agenda points:


1. Earliest conduction of JTO LICE based on Revised JTO RR–2015 with latest vacancies


2.Ex-servicemen related issues


3.Uniform & timely implementation of one increment order to TTAs


Click Here for detailed discussion

11.10.2015 SNATTA Maharashtra Circle have deposited an amount of ₹ 25,600/- in favour of CHQ fund. 


This installment includes 50 TTAs from Pune ( ₹ 10,000 ), 20 TTAs from Bhandara and Gondia ( ₹ 4,000) , 12 from Nanded (₹ 2,400), 22 TTAs from Ahmednagar (₹ 4,400) and 24 TTAs from Solapur (₹ 4,800).


Huge thanks to SNATTA MH Circle and all these members who have made the contribution.We also request all the remaining SSAs for the collection of fund of year 2015-16.

08.10.2015 GS writes letters to NCM Secretary and GS NFTE to include agenda points in the 33rd National Council Meeting will be held on 16 October,2015.It has been assured that the given agenda points will be taken seriously and will be included in NCM.


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Click Here for Letter to GS NFTE

08.10.2015 It is learnt from reliable source that JTO RR amendments 2015 may be published within 10 days. CHQ is hereby requesting SNATTA officials of all the circles to send the Vacancy Related Data of their respective circle,to .CHQ is always ready to raise any helping hand if required by any circle.

03.10.2015 22 members of SNATTA Jalgaon SSA ,Maharashtra Circle have deposited a total of Rs. 5280 towards CHQ Fund. CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all TTAs of Jalgaon SSA,MH Circle for the valuable support they shown.

03.10.2015 Celebration of BSNL Consumer week to Delight the Customer Click Here


Message from DIRECTOR (HR) on the occassion of BSNL Founday Day Click Here


01.10.2015 It has been observed that many of our TTA friends are worrying for their eligibilty in JTO LICE as per new JTO RR Amendments.Specially 2009 batch TTAs are highly concerned about this.But it is also to be noted that the approved RR has not been published yet and we are absolutely not sure about its rules and criterion.Therefore,it is not the time to get panicked.Ultimately we are all seeking a concrete RR so that the LICE can be conducted on regular basis and not onetime.Also we have seen that legal procedures not always gives us proper results but may make our career growth stopped.


CHQ is committed for the betterment of whole TTA Cadre irrespective of any recruitment year or circle or ESM/Non ESM etc.


Always be united because unitedly we have stood but devidedly we may fall.

01.10.2015 It is learnt that the IDA increase, that has become due w.e.f. 01-10-2015 is 5.3%. With this IDA increase, the total IDA that has become payable from 01-10-2015 will be 107.9%( 102.6% + 5.3%).

30.09.2015 The 33rd National Council Meeting will be held on 16 October,2015(Friday) at 11:00 a.m in the Conference Hall,9th Floor,Bharat Sanchar Bhavan,New Delhi.


Click Here for NCM Notifiaction

30.09.2015 SNATTA RAJASTHAN is going to organise an Extended CWC meeting on 25 oct 2015 (Sunday) at Jaipur. All Circle office bearers, Distt Secretaries , Distt President with Minimum Two delegates are requested to attend. Our All India President Sh. R Khanna, CGMT Rajasthan SH. R K Mishra and GM(Admn) Sh. P C Mehta will grace the function. Circle level leaders of other unions will elaborate the house. Venue will be finalize and intimate soon.

30.09.2015 CHQ is pleased to inform all that an adhoc circle body for SNATTA Delhi Circle has been formed in a meeting on 28.08.2015 at Kidwai Bhawan,New Delhi. No doubt these officials will further strengthen SNATTA CHQ at BSNL Corporate Office level.


CHQ congratulates all the elected office bearers and wish for their success.


Click Here for CIRCLE BODY of Delhi Circle


30.09.2015 Kamrup SSA ,Assam Telecom Circle have deposited Rs. 5100 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Kamrup SSA for their valuable contribution.

30.09.2015 SNATTA Andhra Pradesh Circle have deposited a total of Rs. 30,000 towards CHQ Fund. CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all TTAs of AP Circle for the valuable support they shown.

26.09.2015 Meeting of FORUM of BSNL Unions and Associations took place on 24.09.2015.On behalf of SNATTA,our Dy.GS Shri Sunil Gautam Ji participated in the conversation. Discussion took place mainly regarding PLI and opposition of Formation of Subsidairy Tower Company.The next FORUM meeting is scheduled to be held on 12.10.2015.



26.09.2015 District Meeting of SNATTA Thanjavur, Tamilnadu Circle: The District meeting of SNATTA Thanjavur SSA, Tamil Nadu Circle will be held on 26/09/2015, 4:00 PM at Marys Corner Main Exchange, Thanjavur. Agenda of the meeting: Felicitation to JTO LICE 2013 successful Candidates, JTO RR 2014 and etc. All are requested to attend the meeting without fail.

26.09.2015 Few days earlier,our GS wrote a letter to GM/Estt ,BSNL requesting her to consider the extension of "One Increment" to all the TTAs who joined BSNL by viewing the Advertised Pay Scale 7100-200-10100.Now,the letter has also been forwarded to GS of both BSNL Union NFTE and BSNLEU. Both of them assured they will look into the matter and after that further action will be taken.

22.09.2015 Our good friend Shailnder Saraswat JTO admitted in Pushpanjali Hospital Agra in Room no.304 due to prolonged fever n reduced platelets count to 12 k, requires donor if possible then pls arrange....
His blood group A Negative.
He is now in ICU. Pls help anyone close to Agra or can move to Agra now.
His mobile no. 9412777729 , 94 65 022649.
One of our friend Sachin Kumar 9412415550 is with him in hospital


21.09.2015 GS writes letter to GM/Establishment,BSNL to extend the "One increment" to all the TTAs who joined BSNL by viewing the Advertised Pay Scale 7100-200-10100. In current order,the increment has been given to those TTAs who have joined BSNL in between 01.01.2007 to 07.05.2010.


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19.09.2015 JTO RR 2014 approved


In the meeting of BoD dated 18.09.2015,it is being reported that the long awaiting JTO RR amendmends has been approved. With this approval,the service eligibiliy condition for TTA to JTO LICE has been reduced to 5 yrs from 7 yrs.The amendments of RR was pending for more than a year.

On behalf of SNATTA we are congratulating one and all for this historic success.Now our effort will be to conduct the JTO LICE on regular basis.Thank you all once again.


19.09.2015 The Dharna Programme on 16.09.2015 was executed successfully nationwide.Under the leadership of Sri Sunil Gautam Dy.GS,the Dharna was also took place at BSNL HQR.


Congratulations to all for the successful campaign.

14.09.2015 It is being decided to join and participate “DAY LONG DHARNA WITH LUNCH HOUR DEMONSTRATION” on 16th September against the approval of Central Cabinet (on 05.08.2015) for the formation of a Subsidiary Tower Company, by having off 65,000 mobile towers of BSNL.


We will hold mass dharna at Corporate Office, Circle and SSA levels on 16.09.2015, along with all other Executive and Non-Executive Unions and Associations to express our protest to the decision of the Cabinet.


Now, SNATTA CHQ requests to the adjacent and nearby circles of Delhi to come forth and join the DHARNA program of corporate office, will be led by Sunil Ji (DGS/SNATTA) and may be our President Khanna ji.  So all the leaders and office bearer of SNATTA of the  adjacent and nearby circles of Delhi are here by requested to send their friend TTAs to fulfill our destiny and help to grow more acceptability  of SNATTA which will help our future steps.


Click Here for CHQ Memo

11.09.2015 SNATTA CHQ have decided to form two HPC (High Power Committee) for our several wage problems.One committee will work on the NEPP issue (Non-executive Promotion Policy) and another will work on wage issue(Loss, Disparity, Scale etc).It has further been decided that,


1) Honorable Chairman of NEPP Committee Mr. Maneesh KP (Mob No :- 09446270379)

2) Honorable Chairman of Wage Committee Mr. Indrakesh Yadav (Mob No :- 09426667555)


Click Here for CHQ Memo

11.09.2015 In the moment of urgency, Punjab Circle came up with Rs. 7000 as CHQ fund and deposited the amount for our website maintenance charge. SNATTA CHQ conveys its sincere thanks to all the TTAs of Punjab Circle for their support and a very special thanks to Shri Surjan Chopra Ji,OS/SNATTA for the whole arrangement.

10.09.2015 Friends,it was with deep regret that we learnt the heart rending news of passing away our companion Shri Kamlesh Kumar Maurya He is no more due heart attack .He was posted at phoolpur Allahabad.He had two little  children.He had joined  department in 2003. His death has caused a grievous to his family.May God grant his family enough courage and forbearance to withstand this shock.

08.09.2015 We are thankful to our ESM members of Chennai Telephones for their whole hearted contribution of Rs. 500 each and a total of Rs. 3500 towards CHQ fund. They have also mentioned their gratitude and faith towards SNATTA leadership specially to Shri.P. Alagu Pandia Raja, the Circle Secretary of SNATTA, TN.We are deeply moved by your support. The Contributiong Persons are :


1. Mr Rajakumar (200801536)
2 .Mr.Krishnan (200801813)
3. Mr.Swaminathan (200902775)
4. Mr.Cleman jason vidyasagar (200902988)
5. Mr.Jamshed Ali (200801822)
6. Mr.B.Elamaran(200801557)
7. Mr.S.Shanmuga sundaram(200801390).

07.09.2015 On 05.09.2015(Saturday), our President Sh. R Khanna attended open session of AIC SNEA at Jaipur Rajasthan. He graced the dias alongwith Hon'ble CMD, DIR(CFA), CGMT Rajasthan, Director MNIT and also all senior leaders VAN Namboodari, Swapan chakarborty, R P Sahu, C Singh and GS BSNLOA were available in function. President kept his speech in the programme and elaborated about the issues like JTO RR, 30% superannuation and JTO LICE issue etc. in house.


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07.09.2015 D.O Letter of CMD BSNL to all CGMs regarding SIM Sale


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03.09.2015 Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNATTA TN will be held on 06/09/2015, 2:00 PM at NGGO Building, Near Old Bus stand, Salem, Tamil Nadu.

03.09.2015 In the 2nd Phase, Chennai TD submitted Rs. 8600 towards CHQ Fund.We are thankful to TTAs of Chennai TD for their whole hearted support.


List of Payee TTAs

03.09.2015 SNATTA CHQ conveys its sincere congratulations to all the participants of the Strike.Thanks once again to all the SNATTA circle leaders for their effrots to execute the Stike.

03.09.2015 A welcome party cum district meeting has been organised by Rohtak SSA,Haryana Circle on dated 16th Aug, 2015 at Hotel Mirage Palace Rohtak.In the event,Healthy discussion took place regarding strenghthening of SNATTA and our burning issues.Also, all new TTAs were felicitated by SNATTA,Rohtak SSA.


A newly elected district body was formed for SNATTA Rohtak SSA.CHQ congratulates all the newly elected members best wishes for your upcoming work for the betterment of SNATTA.


Click here for MoM and Newly formed District body of Rohtak SSA

03.09.2015 In the General Body Meeting of SNATTA Kolkata SSA conducted very successfully on 22nd August 2015 at TI Hall,CTO Building Kolkata, divisional body of SNATTA, Kolkata SSA have been elected.


CHQ congratulates all the newly elected members best wishes for your upcoming work for the betterment of SNATTA.


Click here for Newly formed body of Kolkata SSA

03.09.2015 In the CEC of SNATTA WBTC held successfully on 22nd August 2015 at TI Hall,CTO Building,Kolkata with presence of all CEC members in addition to SSA leaders of almost all SSAs of WB Telephone District.The event became more motivating by glorious presence of our GS Shri Anup Mukherjee.


CHQ is congratulating SNATTA WBTC for successfully arranging the grand CEC.


Click here for Minutes of Meeting

03.09.2015 GS have written letters to GM(Estt.)/BSNL,GS BSNLEU and GS NFTE regarding conduction of JTO LICE with latest vacancies.The delayed updation is due to website problem.


Click here for letter to GM(Estt.),BSNL

Click here for letter to GS NFTE

Click here for letter to GS BSNLEU

01.09.2015 SNATTA is extendeing its cordial support for tomorrow's General Strike called by Central Trade Unions.

29.08.2015 BSNL NEWS:


Yes,BSNL is Rebooting itself and it has full of opportunity


BSNL Chairman & Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava, who took over the reins of the ailing company earlier this year, has his task cut out. The huge loss does not bother Shrivastava - he hopes to take BSNL back to profits within the next three years.

After taking over, Shrivastava had said that BSNL has been making losses mainly because of depreciation of assets and administrative costs, which account for 55 per cent of the revenues. However, the operational needs are being through internal cash accruals.

"With a topline of Rs 28,000 crore and debt of Rs 4,500 crore, the situation is not that bad. The first priority is to change the direction of the company in such a way that losses are reduced year after year and there is enough compensation on depreciating assets," Shrivastava had said.

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BSNL added 8 lakh new mobile subscribers in almost a month’s time post the launch of free roaming service for its customers in June this year

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28.08.2015 SNATTA would like to congratulate Bhatinda SSA,Punjab Circle for the first implementation of "One Increment with Arrear" reported so far .


Click here for Salary Slip for Aug'2015

27.08.2015 Welcome Back...Our webserver had some malware attack during last two weeks.Now,it has been recoverd. We are rebuilding the site and it may take some more time to fully restore our site.Thanks for your support during these hard days.

21.08.2015 Eleven SNATTAian from Dibrugarh SSA, Assam Circle have contributed Rs. 2200/- towards CHQ Fund.We are thankful for the support.

19.08.2015 Notification has been served for General Strike on 2nd September 2015 to BSNL Management.


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19.08.2015 CHQ have received an amount of Rs. 5,200.00 on 10.08.2015 from Manipur SSA, NE-II Circle as Chq Fund. It was done only by the gentle effort and support of Shri J. R. Rangneiwar and his colleagues of Manipur SSA. SNATTA CHQ, conveys  him a great THANK YOU for supporting us not only by financially but also to strengthen SNATTA in North East.


We request all TTAs of Manipur SSA to consult with Shri J.R. Rangneiwar to form SNATTA Manipur SSA General Body.The contact details is given below:


Shri J.R. Rangneiwar      

BSNL TTA, Mao Senapati Sub-Division

Manipur SSA, NE-II Circle

Mobile: 0-94368-92270

14.08.2015 JTO-LICE 2013 Result of Tamilnadu Circle has been declared !!!!  

Congratulations to all the qualified candidates.

Please click here for result

13.08.2015 The Third District Conference of SNATTA, Thanjavur SSA, Tamilnadu Telecom Circle was held on 8th August 2015 at Thanjavur in a grand manner. 

Click here to view detailed report ! 

 12.08.2015 Successful Meeting of PATNA SSA conducted on dt 07/08/15 at Conference Hall, CTO BUILDING , PATNA. .

click here for Minutes of Meeting

click here for Photos of meeting  

 12.08.2015 Good News!!!


BSNL Corporate office gives permission to CGM Tamilnadu to Declare the most awaited JTO LICE result held in june 2012.

11.08.2015 BSNL Corporate office has issued order for payment of EPF contribution for induction training period.

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11.08.2015 26 TTAs from Manipur SSA NE-II circle deposited Rs 5400/- in Chq account. Chq thanks each and every person for their valuable contributions.

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11.08.2015 Kerala Circle declared the result of Ex-servicemen candidates qualified in JTO-LICE 2013.

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11.08.2015 A Welcome Party(of New Recruited TTA's) of Rohtak-SSA(Haryana) is going to be held at THE MIRAGE PALACE, Hotel Sukhpura Chowk-Rohtak on Date-16/08/2015, Time-11:00 am. All TTA's are Cordially invited on this occasion to make it a grand success.


For Any Query, Contact- Mr. Sumit Dhingra(Organising Secretary) Mob-9416010530 and Mr. Gaurav Chugh(Distt. Secretary) Mob-9468022666.

11.08.2015 Successful DEC Meeting of Ferozepur SSA conducted on dt 09/08/15 at Gulmerg Hotel,Fazilka, Ferozepur, The meeting is in the Presidentship of Com. Atul preet TTA. Healthy discussion took palce about TTA issues like JTO LICE, 30% Fitment, Designation changed to JE. Com. Surjan Chopra Distt Secry/ CC Punjab explained all the issues in details.

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10.08.2015 It is to inform with deep grief and sorrow that Our Ex Circle President SNATTA Punjab Shri Rajiv Kumar Mandal is no more. We all pray to almighty to grant him rest in peace and patience to his family and friends in these testing times.

06.08.201510 TTAs from Narnaul Division Haryana Circle voluntarily contributed Rs 1000/- per person and total Rs 10,000/- deposited in Chq account. Very Big thanks to All of them.


The Third District Conference of SNATTA, Thanjavur SSA, Tamilnadu Telecom Circle will be held on 8th August 2015 at Thanjavur. All are cordially invited.

Click here for Notification


05.08.2015 The District Confrence of Ferozepur SSA Punjab will be going to held at Fazilka Telephone Exchange on dt 09/08/15, Timing 11:00 Sunday. All the honorable Snatta members are cordially invited on this occasion to make it grand success.

For any query contact: Com. Bajinder Pal TTA KKP (Organising Secretary)    Mob 9467000500
Com.Surjan Chopra TTA (Distt. Secretary) Mob 9465009990

05.08.2015 The Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNATTA WBTC will be held on 22nd August 2015 at CTO Building TRC Institute Hall, Kolkata. The meeting will be conducted in two phase.....


1) General Body meeting of Kolkata SSA  (11 AM to 1PM)   




2) Circle Executive Committee meeting (1:00PM to 3:00PM)


Our All India GS is already invited by our CS Amit Khan over phone call, to attend the Circle Executive Committee meeting.


All DR TTA of Kolkata SSA are requested to attend the meeting of first half and all Circle Executive Committee member including DP, DS & DT are hereby requested to attend the executive committee meeting of second half to make it a successful one.


05.08.2015 CHQ Member Shri Kunal Kumar,Organising Secretary (N.E),SNATTA have deposited Rs. 500 towards CHQ Fund.

02.08.2015 Good News!!!


West Bengal Circle have declared result of JTO-LICE 2013 of Ex-Servicemen candidates..CHQ congratulates all the eleven successful candidates for their success.


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31.07.2015 Message from Shri Manish Samadhya

Congratulations for New Designations of TTA & other Non Executives. It is a matter of proud for all of us.This was the basic demand of SNATTA since its formation. It is a great achivement of SNATTA with support of NE unions as designation has its own official & social relevance and impotance. All designations including JE are best fit in current scenario. Speacial thanks to CHQ Body of SNATTA for continious persuance to got our dream designation J.E.Best wishes to President,GS & dynamic leaders of CHQ team.

Thanks and Regards,

Shri Manish Samadhya

Former President of SNATTA


31.07.2015 Shri A.N Rai , Dir (Enterprise Business),BSNL HQR have retired from his duty on superannuation today.He had served BSNL as Director (HR)for a long period and also chaired as CMD,BSNL. SNATTA wishes Hon'ble Shri A.N Rai sir a very happy and peaceful retired life.


Shri N K Mehta, presently ED(IT) will take charge of Dir (EB) from 01.08.2015. SNATTA cordially greets him regarding this.


29.07.2015 Minutes of the Designations Committee meeting, held on the 28.07.2015, in which final settlement is reached in respect of new designations of the Non-Executive cadres.


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28.07.2015 Former SNATTA GS and our beloved Shri Pawan Meena Ji called GS and shared his happiness for the recent success of SNATTA .We cordially gives him thanks for raising his appreciation.

28.07.2015 Circles in which the One Increment with Arrear Order have not been endorsed yet, SNATTA officials may contact with SNATTA circle office bearers like NTR,UP(West),CTD or West Bengal for consultation as beacuse the Order has already been endorsed in those circles.

28.07.2015 Another Breakthrogh reached for TTAs...


The News has just came that the designation of TTAs are going to be JUNIOR ENGINEER


This was long pending demand of SNATTA and yes, another success came atlast.We congratulate all TTA Brothers and Sisters for the success.We are very thankful to the Designation Change Committee to bring about the changes.

28.07.2015 Our elder brother and former SNATTA member Shri Abhilas Ji from Kerala had a long conversation with GS. He is currently persuing JTO Phase II training in Chennai. He admired highly about the activity , SNATTA is persuing. As a token of appreciation, he contributed Rs. 5000 towards CHQ Fund.Well, it is very very inspiring for SNATTA and surely we will go ahead with all the blessings we are gaining.Thank You.

28.07.2015 Designation Committee Meeting is taking place today.The outcome of the meeting will be known shortly.

27.07.2015 FORUM is holding an All Union and Association Meeting today at 03.30 p.m to discuss about 2nd September General Strike.On behalf of SNATTA, Sri Sunil Gautam will be participating in the said meeting.

27.07.2015 Congratulations SNATTA M.P Circle for your wholehearted contribution of Rs. 10,000 towards CHQ Fund. CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all TTAs of M.P Circle for the valuable contribution they poured in so far. Also it is known that M.P Circle Leaders are putting more efforts to collect further funds for CHQ. We salute all.

25.07.2015 Some Snaps of SNATTA CEC 5th July,2015 at New Delhi


Click here

24.07.2015 FORUM Convenor wrote a letter to CMD/BSNL regarding holding a meeting for discussion on the HR plan of the Company


Click here for Letter

23.07.2015 As per latest Conference Call Discussion,CHQ have decided to fully devote its activity on JTO LICE issue. GS also requested once again to all pending Circles to collect the CHQ Fund and send it soon.

18.07.2015 Dear Friends, a very successful, appreciable, energetic and positive meeting conducted between SNATTA and Director (HR) on 17.07.2015, Our Dy GS Mr. Sunil Gautam represented SNATTA with a nice flower bucket very warmly. In this 1/2 an hour meeting a bunch of issues has been discussed , Sunil ji   focussed on all of our HR issues related to TTAs logically and successfully. Thanks to Director (HR) Madam for her positive attitude and real problem solving mentality. She asked for a presentations on the issues. A quality representation will be given to her very soon.


We are also thankful to TTAs of NTR Circle for making their presence in the delegation for the meeting with Director (HR).

18.07.2015 GS has mentioned that, apart from regular person to person conversation between GS, Dy. GS and President of SNATTA, a mandatory weekly conference call will take place among them from now on.

18.07.2015 FORUM served letters to CMD/BSNL regarding Superannuation Benefit of Direct Recruited Employees and regarding the Campaign Programme on "Free Night Calling" and "All India Roam Free Plan". SNATTA persued FORUM to write letter to CMD,BSNL for the issue of Superannuation Benefit of Direct Recruited Employees.In this regard CHQ conveys sincere thanks to FORUM Convenor for the writing.


Letter for Superannuation Benefit


Letter for "Free Night Calling" Campaign

18.07.2015 CHQ would like to congratulate Dehradun SSA, Uttarakhand Circle not only for contribution towards CHQ Fund,but also for arranging a successful SSA meeting on to culture our burning issues.It is very pleasing to learn that a large number of TTAs were gathered in the meeting including Newly recruited and also Promotee TTAs.Thank you all brothers and sisters for strengthening your own association.


Once again thank you Dehradun SSA for the contribution of Rs. 10,000 towards CHQ Fund.

15.07.2015 MINUTES OF SNATTA CEC MEETING on 5th July,2015


Please click here


15.07.2015 Message from GS Towards TTAs of UP West Circle


This message to UP (W) circle is a symbol of Excellency from CHQ.  You have done a great job not only for contributing money to your CHQ but also showing your unity and responsibility as the pilot path finder circle (UP(W)). I with my CHQ Leadership are showing our highly gratitude to your enthusiasm. SNATTA CHQ will always be helpful for each and every time in the way of progression.Thank you again. A special thanks to Abhishek Sharma for taking the prime initiative. 

Thanks and Regards,


Anup Mukherjee 




Please click here for Appreciation Letter

15.07.2015 Congratulations SNATTA Rajasthan for your wholehearted contribution of Rs. 10000 towards CHQ Fund. CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all TTAs of Rajasthan Circle for the valuable contribution they poured in.

15.07.2015 TTAs of SNATTA Sangrur have deposited a consolidate amount of Rs. 5000 towards CHQ Fund. We are thankful to them.

15.07.2015 SNATTA Kerala Circle have deposited Rs. 5000 towards CHQ Fund. CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all TTAs of Kerala Circle for the valuable contribution.

15.07.2015 Thank You Shri Vinay Kumar Bhatia for your contribution towards CHQ Fund.

15.07.2015 Desgnation Change Committee Meeting will take place on 28.07.2015 (Tuesday)at 11.00 A.M. We are hopeful for a better output from this meeting.


Please click here for Notification

14.07.2015  Death intimation of our dear comrade Ch.Y.N.V.L.Ayyappa

This is to inform with deep regret that our dear comrade, Y.N.V.L.Ayyappa, TTA, BSNL has succumbed to death while battling injuries he sustained during a bike accident. He was a direct recruitee from the latest batch of 2014 and was working as TTA Veeravasaram Groups, ELURU SSA, (West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh State), A.P.Telecom Circle. We all pray to almighty to grant him peace in death and patience to his family in these testing times.




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12.07.2015 Message from GS to TTAs of Chennai TD


Dear Friends,


You have done a great job not only for contributing money to your CHQ but also showing your unity and responsibility about formation of SNATTA. I with my CHQ Leadership are showing our highly gratitude to your enthusiasm. SNATTA CHQ will always be helpful for each and every time in the way of progression. Hope for the best for your newly formed SNATA strength and wish for your larger unity. Thank you again. An special thanks to Sh. Nithya Jarlad  and Mr.Bharat for taking the prime initiation.

Thanks and Regards


Anup Mukherjee 


12.07.2015 SNATTA Chennai Telephone District have deposited Rs. 3700 towards CHQ Fund. CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all TTAs of Chennai Telephone District for the valuable support they shown.

12.07.2015 Circle Conference of SNATTA M.P Circle have been organised successfully on 09.07.2015. A new body for SNATTA, Madhya Pradesh has been elected and formed. SNATTA CHQ congratulates all newly elected Core Committee Members best wishes. And also congratulates all TTAs of M.P Circle for their dedicated support.


Please click here for Circle Body

12.07.2015 Good News!!!


Chennai Circle have declared result of JTO-LICE 2013 of Ex-Servicemen candidates..CHQ congratulates all the seven successful candidates for their success.


Click here for Result

09.07.2015 Booking of Inspection Quarter (IQ) at Delhi has been taken over by O/o GM (Admin & PR),BSNL CO w.e.f 07.07.2015


DGM (Admin) BSNL CO will be the nodal officer for booking.The Contact Numbers are given below :


Phone: 011-23766139

FAX: 011-23766145


Please click here for Order

09.07.2015 Order have been issued that Ms. S.T Ray has been appointed as DIRECTOR (HR),BSNL for a period of 5 yrs. She was previously working as Executive Director (Finance). SNATTA congratulates newly appointed Director (HR) best wishes and also we hope that the pending HR issues will soon be taken care of.


Please click here for Order

09.07.2015 SNATTA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to the TTA of ALLTC Gaziabad UP(W) for making the contribution of Rs. 200 towards CHQ Fund.

08.07.2015 SNATTA Orissa Circle have deposited Rs. 7000 towrads CHQ Fund on 02.07.15.CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all TTAs of Orissa Circle for the valuable support they poured in.

08.07.2015 SNATTA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all Bareliy SSA, UP(W) TTAs for making the contribution of Rs. 2400 towards CHQ Fund and showing the Unity.

07.07.2015 On 06.07.2015, under the leadership of GS and Dy. GS and President , SNATTA delegates met with all layers of BSNL management as well as Unions and Associations(Executive & Non Executive) and conducted discussions. A row of meetings are also scheduled for today.CHQ conveys sincere thanks for this successful conduction of CEC. Details of meetings will be updated.

07.07.2015Badaun SSA , UP(W) had deposited Rs. 1600 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Badaun SSA for their valuable contribution.

07.07.2015 SNATTA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all Pilbhit SSA, UP(W) TTAs for making the contribution of Rs. 1800 towards CHQ Fund and showing the Unity.

06.07.2015 1st day of SNATTA CEC Meeting concluded successfully on 05.07.2015. Almost all Circles were present in the meeting.The meeting was initiated with the welcome speech of GS shri Anup Mukherjee and thereafter long discussion took place on issues and all circles contributed their thoughts.CHQ once again congratulates all circles for their presensce in the meeting.The detailed minutes will be updated soon.

06.07.2015 Meghalaya SSA , NE 1 had deposited Rs. 5600 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Meghalaya SSA for their valuable contribution.

06.07.2015 Maharashtra Circle have deposited total Rs 11200 towards CHQ Fund. Four SSAs of Maharashtra Circle, namely GOA, RATNAGIRI, AURANGABAD and DHULE having strength of 14, 14,18 and 5 respectively are included in the contribution. Also Rs 1000 of CHQ member donation is included in the amount.Thanks to all TTAs of Maharashtra Circle for their valuable contribution.

06.07.2015 Sincere thanks to HARYANA Circle for their valuable contribution of Rs. 10000 towards CHQ Fund.

04.07.2015 CEC Meeting Venue:


5th Floor,Kidwai Bhawan

Janpath,New Delhi


(Note: Direct Metro connectivity is there in the name of JANPATH METRO STATION.Use Gate No. 3 for exit.Kidwai Bhawan is adjacent to Gate No.3 )

04.07.2015 Good News!!!


Northern Telecom Region (NTR) have declared result of JTO-LICE 2013 of Ex-Servicemen candidates..CHQ congratulates the sole successful candidate for his success.


Click here for Result

04.07.2015 Thanks to TTAs of entire UP (West) Circle for their response towards collection of CHQ Fund.Till date about Rs 37,800 have been contribute towards CHQ Fund. A big thanks for them.

04.07.2015 Gaziabad SSA , UP(W) had deposited Rs. 4000 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Gaziabad SSA for their valuable contribution.

04.07.2015 SNATTA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all Bijnor SSA, UP(W) TTAs for making the contribution of Rs. 2500 towards CHQ Fund and showing the Unity.

04.07.2015 Bulandshar SSA , UP(W) had deposited Rs. 600 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Bulandshar SSA for their valuable contribution.

03.07.2015 As per decision, our GS submitted Rs. 500 towards CHQ fund.

03.07.2015 Agra SSA , UP(W) had deposited Rs. 4000 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Agra SSA for their valuable contribution.

02.07.2015 It is very inspiring that, in Manipuri SSA and Etawah SSA UP(W), only one TTA posted in each SSA.And they have contributed solely towards CHQ Fund.Thanks for their valuable Rs. 200 each which has more worth than monetary value. Also a big appreciation for SNATTA UP(W) office bearers for the inspiring fund collection campaign.

02.07.2015 SNATTA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all Moradabad SSA, UP(W) TTAs for making the contribution of Rs. 3600 towards CHQ Fund and showing the Unity.

02.07.2015 Eta SSA , UP(W) had deposited Rs. 1000 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Eta SSA for their valuable contribution.

01.07.2015 Good News!!!


Bihar Circle have declared result of JTO-LICE 2013 of Ex-Servicemen candidates.It was a long effort of SNATTA to declare the result.CHQ congratulates all the successful candidates for their success.


Click here for Result

01.07.2015 It is learnt that the IDA increase, that has become due w.e.f. 01-07-2015 is 2.1%. With this IDA increase, the total IDA that has become payable from 01-07-2015 will be 102.6%

( 100.5% + 2.1%).

30.06.2015 SNATTA Gujarat Circle Deposited lump-sum amount of Rs 10,000/- to Chq account. SNATTA Chq conveys sincere thanks to Gujarat Circle Team.

30.06.2015 Decisions of the Forum, taken in the meeting held at New Delhi on 26th June, 2015.

Please click here for Circular

29.06.2015 Any kinds of suggestion,presentation etc is welcome for upcoming CEC discussion. If anybody have any strong statement please feel free to send your views to Also you can make a draft presentation for discussion with BSNL management and send it to

29.06.2015 Noida SSA ,UP(W) had deposited Rs. 2200 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Noida SSA for their valuable contribution.

28.06.2015 SNATTA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all Rampur SSA,UP (W) TTAs for making the contribution of Rs. 1600 towards CHQ Fund and showing the Unity.

28.06.2015 Bhatinda SSA had deposited Rs. 8000 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Bhatinda SSA for their valuable contribution.

26.06.2015 SNATTA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to all Mathura SSA TTAs for making the contribution of Rs. 2700 towards CHQ Fund and showing the Unity.

26.06.2015 Shahranpur SSA had deposited Rs. 4400 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Shahranpur SSA for their valuable contribution.

25.06.2015 We came to know that in the meeting on 19.06.2015 ,BSNL Board has approved the One additional increment with arrears for Post 2007 TTAs.SNATTA CHQ congratulates all SNATTAians for their effort and patience.CHQ is speacially thankful to Sri Islam Ahmed Ji (President/NFTE ) and Sri P Abhimanyu Ji (GS/BSNLEU) for their helping mind and guidance.Let's wait for the implementation of the Approval.


Our next course of action will be decided in the upcoming SNATTA CEC.



22.06.2015 All CHQ members will contribute Rs 500 towards CHQ Fund.Once again all circles are requested for the collection of CHQ fund.Thanks.

22.06.2015 Muzaffarnagar SSA had deposited Rs. 2200 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Muzaffarnagar SSA for their valuable contribution.

22.06.2015 Preparation of SNATTA CEC is ready. Yesterday CHQ members made teleconference and discussed about the issues and we are facing.Soon a concrete decision will be taken based on CEC discussion.

20.06.2015 Aligarh SSA UP(W) Circle had deposited Rs. 2600 towards CHQ Fund.Thanks to all TTAs of Aligarh SSA for their valuable contribution.

18.06.2015 Meerut SSA, UP (w) circle deposited Rs 6000/- to CHQ account. SNATTA Chq appreciates the efforts of all the TTAs of Meerut SSA. Special thanks to DS Meerut SSA Mr. Guarav Sisodia being first SSA to deposit Chq Quota fund.

Worth mentioning that in this collection  ALL  DR TTA’s 2014 Batch had also contributed  though they have Just entered the BSNL but still they Support SNATTA and giving there efforts for making TTA’s Unity  and  infact in Meerut SSA Our Seniors TTA’s (Promoted) who are not DR TTA’s  had also Contributed the Fund.They are ( Ram Bihari Shah 198806474 ) (C L Meena 199309506)(Gaurav Sisodia  DS Meerut 199601633 )( Jameel Ahmad 200006542 ) (Brij Rj Pal 200100638 )

A Sincere Thanks to all of  them for making the Contribution.


18.06.2015 Gujarat Circle office declared the result of JTO LICE 2013 of Ex-servicemen candidates.

Please click here for result

18.06.2015 Principal Central Administrative Tribunal, New Delhi, Issued interim directives on declaration of result of JTO-LICE 2013 for ESM candidates.

Please click here for Order

18.06.2015 BSNL Corporate office issued order to All the Head of Telecom Circle regarding declaration of result of Ex-servicemen candidates in JTO LICE 2013.

All the Circle Secretary are requested to take up matter with circle management.

Please click here for order

18.06.2015 Meeting of Board of Directors is scheduled to be held on 19.06.2015 (Friday) instead of 18.06.2015

18.06.2015 BSNL NEWS:

 BSNL aims to launch m-wallet with SBI over next 2 months Click here

BSNL Wi-Fi zone goes Live at Taj Mahal Click here

BSNL to facilitate Wi-Fi facilities in Puri during Rath Yatra Click here

BSNL restructuring organisation to walk with time Click here

15.06.2015 Upcoming Meeting of Board of Directors is 18.06.2015 (Thursday)


All Circle and SSA office bearers are requested to contact with Office bearers of NFTE and BSNLEU and request them to conatact with their respective CHQ to make sure our ISSUES must get solved in the upcoming BoD meeting on 18.06.2015. SNATTA CHQ is trying its level best.Thanks.

09.06.2015 SNATTA CHQ is requesting to all circles to prepare to file RTI case seeking informations on JTO LICE or other HR matters. RTI forms along with model questions will be available in this site shortly.

09.06.2015 FORUM of all BSNL Unions and Associations have given a call to all the BSNL employee to start campaigning to popularize the latest offer of Unlimited Calls from BSNL Landlines from 9 p.m to 7 a.m.CHQ is requesting all SNATTAians to join in hands with this programme wherever possible because this will lead us to the revival of our mother organisation BSNL.

06.06.2015 As per decisions of Cabinet Meeting the status of 29 towns and small towns is going to be upgraded .House Rent Allowance to Central Government employees is now calculated on the basis of the population census of 2001. The cities and towns are classified as X, Y, and Z, based on their population. Employees in these towns are eligible for 30%, 20% and 10% House Rent Allowances respectively.




Revised Status

Revised HRA Rate

Ahmadabad (UA)

Y to X

20% to 30%

Pune (UA)

Y to X

20% to 30%

Nellore (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Gurgaon (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Bokaro Steel City (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Gulbarga (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Thrissur (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Malappuram (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%


Z to Y

10% to 20%

Kollam (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Ujjain (M. Coprn.)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Vasai-Virar City (M. Corpn.)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Malegaon (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Nanded-Waghala (M.Corp.)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Sangli (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Raurkela (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Ajmer (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Erode (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Noida (CT)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Firozabad (NPP)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Jhansi (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Siliguri (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%

Durgapur (UA)

Z to Y

10% to 20%


Also the following cities will have upgarded TA rates : Patna(UA), Kochi(UA), Indore (UA), Coimbatore (UA) and Ghaziabad (UA)


However there is a confusion reagrding the date of effect whether it is 1st April 2014 or 1st April 2015.


____________________________________________________________________________: Source :

05.06.2015 BSNL NEWS:

BSNL is all set to offer free national roaming from June 15 Click here

2,500 Towers in Jammu & Kashmir affected due to militant attacks Click here

BSNL is making the right moves for its revival :Anupam Shrivastava Click here

01.06.2015 All Circles and SSAs are requested to send an email to containing details of CEC delegates and mention whether they require accomodation or not.

29.05.2015 It has been decided by SNATTACHQ to conduct a CEC meeting and Management Meeting on Dated 05/07/2015(Sunday) and 06/07/2015(Monday) respectively at Delhi. All Circles are requested to make it convinient to attend the said Meeting in this crucial phase of our movement.


For Details Click here

26.05.2015 Terrorist attack in Sopore Town of Kashmir.One BSNL Staff Died and Two other injured

Three employees of the government-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited franchise were shot at in a militant attack in north Kashmir’s apple-rich Sopore town on Monday morning. Hours later, an army jawan was injured by militants in another attack in Kulgam.

In the first attack, one of the three employees, Mohammed Rafique, who was critically wounded in the attack succumbed to his injuries a few hours later. All the three employees were hospitalised in Srinagar.

A senior police officer said militants shot at the three employees who were standing just outside the BSNL franchise near the main bus stand at Iqbal Market in Sopore town."One of the injured, Mohammad Rafiq (26), a resident of Handwara area of Kupwara district, succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. The two injured, Ghulam Mohammad Bhat (40) and Imtiyaz Ahmad Lone (30), both residents of Sopore township, were being treated upon," the officer said  Police rushed to the spot and the area has been cordoned off. No group has yet owned responsibility for the attack.


26.05.2015 GS writes to office bearers of all Circle and SSAs regarding collection of CHQ Fund.


Click here

22.05.2015 BSNL NEWS:

BSNL Subscribers to Get Unused Mobile Internet Data Added to Next Recharge Click here

BSNL Starts Free WiFi At Konark Sun Temple From 21st May Click here


21.05.2015 It is becoming very hard to continue the association activity as the health of CHQ Fund is not good. Since fund is very much required to initiate and continue legal issues and also necessary for CHQ leaders to move to Delhi and other places to attend important meetings and discussions.We are requesting to all circles to collect Rs 200 as CHQ Fund from each member and deposit it to CHQ Account.

All CHQ members are requested to take inititives in their concerned circle and SSA to collect the fund as soon as possible

15.05.2015 The 32nd National Council meeting was held on 14.05.2015. The meeting was presided over by Shri A.N. Rai, Director (HR).Shri Naresh Vallakati was present in the meeting.


Click here

15.05.2015 FORUM meeting held on 13.05.2015 to scrutinize the outcome of Two Days Historic Strike and also to decide future course of action.


Click here for FORUM Circular

15.05.2015 BSNL NEWS:

BSNL launches Next Generation Network in Northeast Click here

Bengal prisons to have BSNL-powered video conferencing facilities Click here

"We will make profits in 2018, if we play our cards right" says CMD Shri Anupam Shrivastav Click here


14.05.2015 National Council staff side meeting took place on 13.05.2015 at Dada Ghosh Bhavan.NCM member Sri Naresh Vallakati attended the meeting and strongly told to both EU & NFTE to solve the 30% fitment issus of post 2007 in the sameway as done for 78.2% DA issue. Both the Union agreed to continue the struggle in future.

NCM meeting will be held on 14.05.2015.Minutes of the meeting will be updated soon.

14.05.2015In the JAC meeting held on 12.04.2015,our issue of designation change discussed in detail.We came to know that Junior Engineer Telecom(JET) for the cadre of TTA should be setteled. Sri Sunil Gautam participated in the meeting.


Click here for JAC Circular on the Meeting

14.05.2015GS writes to Shri C Singh ,GS/NFTE to bring into his kind attention that a committe is proposed to reconsider the pay scale up-gradation from E1A to E2 and E2A to E3.Since post 2007 TTAs are still suffering wage disparity,it is requested to him for his necessary action to refer wage disparity issue of non-executive employees to this new committee.We are thankful to Sri Sunil Gautam and Shri Maneesh K.P ,Vice President/SNATTA for their thought to bring into notice this issue.


Click here for letter

11.05.2015 GS writes to Hon'ble CMD BSNL alongwith GM (HR),GM(Estt) and GS/BSNLEU and GS/NFTE regarding long pending issues of DR TTAs


Click here for letter to CMD


Click here for letter to GM (HR)


Click here for letter to GM (Estt.)


Click here for letter to GS/BSNLEU


Click here for letter to GS/NFTE

08.05.2015 Minutes of the 21st meeting of Standing Committee of National Council held on 10th February, 2015 and 12th March, 2015 in 8th floor Committee Room, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan.


Click here for minutes

07.05.2015 BSNL NEWS:

BSNL slashes roaming tariff by upto 40% Click here

BSNL targets Rs 500-crore revenue by utilising land bank in FY16 Click here

"Reviving our Data Business will Help BSNL Turn Around" says CMD Shri Anupam Shrivastav Click here

BSNL Set to Garner Around Rs 5k cr Revenue from Assets Monetisation Click here


07.05.2015 A Concillation meeting held on 06.05.2015 by The Regional Labour Commisioner(RLC) between Joint Action Committee(JAC) of all BSNL Unions and Associations and BSNL Management.The issue of discussions were the Charter of Demands of JAC.


Click here for minutes

02.05.2015 Friends,BSNL published the Notification for the recruitment of Management Trainee in two streams which are Telecom Operations and Telecom Finance. Along with educational qualification,they have added the term of "Work Experience in BSNL for 4 yrs as EXECUTIVE". This is prominenet injustice to Non Executive Cadre as well as for our highly qualified TTA Cadre. Please have a look on the Notification attached herewith and send your view to to decide further course of action on this issue.


Click here

02.05.2015 A Brief Report of the Secretary DOT's Meeting with the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations held on 1st May 2015 on the 21-22 April  strike issues.


Click here

01.05.2015 CHQ writes to GS/NFTE reagrding discrepancies in the notified vacancies in the JTO LICE of  Tamilnadu Circle.


Click here

01.05.2015 GS writes to GS/NFTE for further movement regarding wrong punishment issued to our beloved AGS/SNATTA Sri Raj Kumar Upadhay,(TTA/Mant)


Click here

01.05.2015 FORUM of BSNL Unions and Associations meeting with DOT Secretary today at 1700 hrs in Sanchar Bhawan, Committee Room on two days strike demands.


Click here

01.05.2015 On 24.04.2015,SNATTA CTD leaders met with CGM/CTD and Circle Management to discuss various staff related issues of TTAs and BSNL Service Quality improvement.A healthy discussion took place on agendas like Stipend, Transfer Case (Rule 8, mutual etc.), Increment, Appointment letter, Substantive appointment, Service book and victimisation of DR TTAs etc.Also various service quality related issues like improvement in customer care, long pending OFC breakdown, System is in linear mode, uninterrupted power supply to the system, Mobile RF Quality and long pending BTS issue etc came into discussion,Management assured serious consideration on the plans and proposals given by SNATTA CTD Leaders.

CHQ appreciates this kind of meeting and discussion with Circle management.All Circles and SSAs can meet their corresponding management to discuss issues and problems of their members and Service related issues.

28.04.2015 BSNL NEWS:

BSNL officials meeting MPs to discuss company's performance under Presidentship of Hon'ble Telecom Minister Shree Ravi Shankar Parsad Click here

No works at DoT without advance payment: BSNL CO to staff Click here

Unlimited Calling Scheme of BSNL Landline from 1st May Click here


28.04.2015 The 32nd meeting of National Council,which was earlier scheduled to be held on 28.04.2015, will now held on 14.05.2015 Thursday at 11 A.M.


Click here for Notice

27.04.2015 Deep condolence to the families and people specially to the peole of Nepal who are going through extreme shock and panic due to the massive earthquake.SNATTA will always stand aside to the affected families.

27.04.2015 SNATTA CHQ Congratulates and Welcomes Smt Madhu Arora for taking over responsibilty as GM(Estt)/BSNL

Click here for letter

24.04.2015 United Forum meeting with the Secretary, DOT scheduled for 27-04-2015 has been rescheduled for 1st May, 2015.

24.04.2015 SNATTA West Bengal circle participated in a massive rally held by United Forum at Kolkata:

Click here for Images

23.04.2015 In Hon'ble Member of Parliament Shri. Sankar Prasad Dutta writes to the Shri Narendra Modi Hon'ble Prime Minister of India about the need of Revival of BSNL.He also raised questions to Lok Sabha on the issue of revival of BSNL .


Click here for letter

23.04.2015 SNATTA CHQ conveys its sincere congratulations to all the participants of the Strike.May this massive blow be heard at the Govermnets ear and it should come up with positive approach to save BSNL and save Nation.Thanks once again to all the SNATTA circle leaders for their enormous effrots to execute the Stike.


SNATTA Zindabaad !



21.04.2015 A Historic Strike !!!


We will not say that that our 1st day Strike is successfull until we met that Demands for which we took the decision of Strike.Otherwise this Strike will be rememberd for the devotions from all level of BSNL employees.As per reports from all over India,almost 100% employee participated in the Strike today throughout India.SNATTA CHQ conveys its thanks to all SNATTAians for their whole hearted participation towards this historic Strike.There is another day.Make it a Success too.


SNATTA Zindabaad !


20.04.2015 In the Meeting of Forum with CMD BSNL on 17.04.15, no decision of deferring Strike has been taken.But a healthy discussion took place regarding our 30% superannuation issue.It has been assured that our matters will start to be considered positively from upcoming BoD Meeting.


Another meeting of Forum will take place today for last minute consultation regarding Strike.SNATTAtians of all Circles and SSAs are hereby requested to make themselves fully prepared for the Two Day Strike.


SNATTA Zindabaad ! BSNL Zindabaad !


Click here for the minutes of meeting with CMD


17.04.2015 On 17.04.2015 afternoon,CMD BSNL called a meeting with FORUM of BSNL Unions and Associations for Strike on 21-22 April' 2015 to discuss on the demands for revival of BSNL.On behalf of SNATTA, Dy GS Sri Sunil Gautam is attending the meet.


Click here


17.04.2015 On Dated 15/04/2015 a delegation from SNATTA CHQ including President Rajender Khanna, Dy GS Sunil Gautam and AGS R K Upadhyay met with President NFTE(BSNL) for our long pending issues. Com Islam Ahmed shared all present situations and issues pending with Board of Directors and assured to gear up the process with his best efferts. President cleared that not even a single issue has been resolved resulting frustration in his team.

          Thereafter our Delegation along with President NFTE(BSNL) met with GM(Est) Smt Madhu Arora and discussed the issues proposed JTO RR14, JTO LICE and Tamilnadu result. President also highlighted the issue of ESM JTO LICE and appealed to stop this injustice. GM(Estt) assured to look into the matter and for taking remedial action at her end. She also told for their limitations regarding issues pending at BoD level.

After that a formal meeting with Sr GM(SR) with a  discussion of Designation change issue had been made.


15.04.2015GS writes to Com C Singh Ji, GS NFTE Regarding conduction of JTO LICE as per JTO RR 2001 with reducing the service eligibility period to 5 years with latest Vacancies.


Click here


15.04.2015 On the occasssion of AIC of BSNLOA on 10.04.2015,our GS Sri Anup Mukherjee attended the meeting at Kolkata and kept the issues of TTAs and points on "SAVE BSNL" campaign infront of the audience.Also SNATTA CTD Circlc Leaders Sri Saikat Maji,Sri Sankar Sanyal,Sri Gourab Pal went to the occassion.




General Body Meeting of SNATTA CTD conducted successfully on 09.04.2015 at CTO Hall,Kolkata.A massive number of TTAs accross whole CTD area were present in the meeting.The meeting was Presided by Sri Prosun Ghosh,President,SNATTA CTD.Our GS Sri Anup Mukherjee was also present in the meeting.Others present on the stage were Sri Sankar Sanyal,Central Co ordinator/SNATTA CTD,Sri Sandip Parui, Web Secretary/SNATTA CHQ,Sri Saikat Maji,Circle Secretary/SNATTA CTD.In the meeting,interim CS Sri Saikat Maji was unanimously selected as Circle Secretary od SNATTA CTD.All other Circle body remained unchanged by general voting.SNATTA CHQ congratulates newly elected circle body members and wishes them a lot of success.All the office bearers kept their speech to the audiences.The Meeting concluded with a vote of thanks from the CTD Leaders.

After completeion of GB,SNATTA CTD,a massive CGM Gherao conducted in the afternoon at Telephone Bhawan under the leadership of GS Anup Mukherjee, CS/SNATTA Saikat Maji and Central co ordinator Sankar Sanyal for the protest of "Wrong Postering and Blaming for sabotage" against TTA cadres at BSNL Office Premises. SNATTA Leadership met with Sr GM HR and Admin,CTD and gave a representation on the issue.He assured full admistrative investigation on the issue.

The day concluded with a whopping slogan of SNATTA ZINDABAD.


15.04.2015 The conciliation meeting called by the Chief Labour Commissioner was held today, 09th April 2015, at the Committee Room of the labour ministry in Shram Shakti Bhawan.The CLC requested the Forum leaders to defer the two days strike in view of the conciliation and the information given by the DOT and BSNL management representatives.


Since there has been no progress on the issues, the question of deferment does not arise.


Click here


15.04.2015 FORUM Circular to organise two day strike 21-22 April 2015 and Charter of Demands.


Click here

07.04.2015 Yesterday our Dy GS Sri Sunil Gautam met with Honb'le CMD,BSNL regarding JTO RR 2014,As per the study of SNATTA leagal Committee, Sunil Ji gave a strong representation and suggestion on the proposed JTO RR 2014 to Honb'le CMD.



06.04.2015 The Chief labour Commissioner (Central) has fixed Concillation Proceedings on 09.04.2015 at 3 P.M with Leaders of Forum of BSNL Unions/Association alongwith BSNL management on the issue of Two days Strike on 21st-22nd April,2015 on demands for revival of BSNL for charter of demands.


Click here


04.04.2015 BSNL NEWS:


Telecom minister said BSNL and MTNL are now expanding network to improve quality of service.He also asks operators to improve quality of service Click here


BSNL to invest Rs 7,000 crore for setting up 3G, 4G Wi-Fi hotspots across India Click here



01.04.2015 It is learnt that the IDA increase, that has become due w.e.f. 01-04-2015 is 0.2%. With this IDA increase, the total IDA that has become payable from 01-04-2015 will be 100.5% ( 100.3% + 0.2%).


31.03.2015 The 32nd National Council meeting is scheduled to be held on 28th April,2015 at 11:00 a.m


Click here


30.03.2015 BSNL NEWS:


BSNL to spread information regarding e-governance Click here


Telecom tariffs likely to go up, industry says Click here


Spectrum auction ends, total bid amount reaches 1,09,874 crores   Click here


BSNL dares to hike fixed monthly charge of rural landline phone by 33%  Click here


BSNL 1GB 3G Data, now at 68 only with new 3G STV Launch   Click here


28.03.2015 Circle level convention on "Save BSNL" will be held on 01.04.2015 in the Auditorium in Asman Mahal telecom staff quarters, Hyderabad. The convention will start at 14.00 hrs and continue till 18.00 hrs. Maximum mobilisation for participating in the convention should be there from Hyderabad and surrounding SSAs and there should be participation from all SSAs. The convention is for making the two days strike on 21,22 April a grand success. Start preparation immediately for mobilising for the convention" sampath CS, AP-snatta


Thanks to SNATTA AP circle... And please take this type of initiative in all circles.


27.03.2015 Minutes of meeting of United Forum held on dated 25.03.2015

Click here

23.03.2015 In the recent CEC of SNATTA, the issue of JTO RR has been discussed. Under the supervision of Sri Sunil Gautam DGS, SNATTA Legal Committee will make a comparative study on JTO RR 2001 and JTO RR 2014 and will make a report within one week. As per that report next movement will be initiated.
Members of Legal Committee are:

Sunil Gautam (New Delhi) 9810306904
R K Upadhayay (UP West Circle) 9457885177
Kaushik Ghosh (CTD) 9477240256
Vijay Kumar (Bihar Circle) 9431000318
Shri Maneesh K.P 09446270379

20.03.2015 A letter is being attached here for taking one/next step of BSNL survival demand/issue to Govt. of India.


Please give the letter to your SSA head and tell them to fill the Performa up after meeting with their respected MPs (Member of Parliament) of their respected place. Take this as an urgent message and convey these as early as possible. One Excel sheet is also attached for the list of Honorable MPs along with their constituency.

Give a report to your CS/CP/CC on the progression of the work with an immediate effect.

Friends it is a common necessity for all of our future in our organisation


Please Click here for Letter

Please Click here for List of MPs

20.03.2015Our DGS Sunil Gautam along with Com.Islam Ahmed, President, NFTE met GM(Estt) RK Goyal and discussed about TN JTO LICE result case. As per TN circle body final arguments over and Madras HC ask information regarding OJTOs in related to earlier cases like CHANDIGARH CAT. GM(Estt) inform that they have supplied required information sought by HC.

17.03.2015Shri Maneesh K.P ,Vice President SNATTA (Mob: 09446270379, Email: is hereby included as member of All India Legal Committe,SNATTA

13.03.2015Forum of BSNL Unions  and  Associations served  Notice for two days strike  on 21 / 04 / 2015 and 22 / 04 / 2015 on  demands for Revival of BSNL.


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10.03.2015CHQ belatedly came to know that Mrs. Anamika Kashyap (Jadam) DRTTA Bhopal, MP passed away on dated 09-03-2015. SNATTA family pays its respectful homage to the departed friend and conveys its heartfelt condolences to her family members and friends.

10.03.2015 Warm wishes to all SNATTAians of ASSAM CIRCLE for their effort to strengthen SNATTA in Assam Circle and their formation of Circle body. SNATTA CHQ congratulates all newly elected Office Bearers.

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09.03.2015 Minutes of SNATTA CEC Meeting held on 26-02-2015 at New Delhi

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 07.03.2015United Forum Press Release on dated 04-03-2015:

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03.03.2015United Forum Circular Dated 02-03-2015:

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