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All Circle/SSA Office bearers are hereby requested to nominate LCM and RJCM members from their respective Circle/SSA and Discuss with CHQ




JTO(T) LICE Information Board


BSNL Corporate Office has issued Model Notifiaction for JTO(T) LICE on 01.03.2016 alongwith Exam Pattern and Syllabus.


Please Click Here for 1 st Notification

Please Click Here for 2nd Notification


We will try update the below table with necessary information and Orders/Notifiaction/Circulars etc regarding JTO LICE.


Proposed Dates for Yearwise LICE Exam pattern Exam date for Vaccancy Year. 2013-14
Exam date for Vaccancy Year. 2014-15
Exam date for Vaccancy Year. 2015-16



For JTO LICE Vaccancy Year 2014-15 Start Date for Online Registration 10.07.2016
Closing Date for Online registration 31.07.2016
Date of JTO LICE
For JTO LICE Vaccancy Year 2013-14 Start Date for Online Registration
Closing Date for Online registration
Date of JTO LICE




04.06.2016 The 2nd Notification for JTO LICE for the vaccancy year 2014-15 has been issued by Corporate Office.


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04.06.2016 JTO LICE in Bihar CIrcle will be conducted on 16.07.2016


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02.06.2016 Congratulations!!!Bihar LICE Exam and First LICE Exam result is coming very soon



Today, Shri P Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU met with Director HR to discuss the LICE matter. Also GM (Rectt.) was present in the meeting. In the meeting, Abhimanyu Ji strongly demanded to finalize the date to conduct the held up Bihar LICE as soon as possible and also demanded to publish the result of LICE took place on 22.05.2016.Iis very satisfying to know that Director HR responded very well on both the issue and asked the GMs to do the needful at the earliest. After a long discussion, it has been decided that Bihar LICE is going to be held on 17th July 2016. Also GM (Rectt.) assured to publish the result within 2-3 days.

We want to congratulate Shri P Abhimanyu Ji, and the leadership of BSNLEU and off course we want to thank BSNL Management for their prompt action and giving us the innermost motivation.



01.06.2016 SNATTA and BSNLEU met with different layers of BSNL management to resolve the LICE matter.Though the petition filed at Patna CAT has been withdrawn,but the additional verdict of justification of conflicting Recruitment Rules regarding exam procedure of the last LICE is stopping management to publish the result as well as next LICE notification.SNATTA CHQ is trying hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

25.05.2016 Today CHQ have written a letter to GM(Rect.) regarding "Requesting to include all TTAs having 2008 requirement year, in the process of next JTO LICE ".


Stay United


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23.05.2016 Congratulations to all the participants of of LICE's which just took place on 22.05.2016.We are thankful to each and everybody of SNATTA for the belive they are keeping on CHQ.We are thankful to all those great leaders of SNATTA for their commitment towards conducting the exam.We are very very thankful towards BSNLEU who have continiously moved with us to cross every barrier and finally made the LICE happen.


As we have told,we are committed to conduct all the LICEs for all our brothers and sisters.The first one has gone,two more to come.As we know that the LICE was put on hold in BIHAR Circle,We are more committed to conduct the held examination as soon as possible and request once again to all not to go to court.We are very much shocked enough to learn that our long aspiring JTO LICE exam is happeing on earth and some people(we don't know their kind) is doing court case to create further litigations and hurdles!These activities not only destroying the hope SNATTA is trying to materialse but also putting thousands of TTAs carrer in jeopardy.Instead of giving representation to court,if they gave their representaion to SNATTA, then CHQ can try solve the hurdles.


Well,lets work on the remaining two examinations and specially the halted exam of BIHAR Cirlce.

20.05.2016 Today a court case has been heard at Bihar CAT in connection with JTO LICE. No outcome had been received yet.So all are requested not to be panicked and do not spread the rumour that the exam has been halted.


20.05.2016 Dy GS Shri Sunil Gautam alongwh Shri P. Abhimanyu GS/BSNLEU and Shri Swapan Chakrabory Dy GS/BSNLEU met with various levels of BSNL Management for upcoming JTO LICE.They met with GM(Estt) regarding the court case filed at Ernakulam CAt in connection with upcoming LICE and urged her to give suitable guidelines to Kerala circle administration so that the case can be defended by BSNL consel.Also they met with GM(Rect) to discuss issues like removal of negative marking in upcoming LICE,level of question papaer should be easy etc.Also they urged to issue a revised guideline to circles for the review of the results of JTO LICE 2013, by granting additional marks to questions with more than one correct answer. The representatives also insisted to issue the letter to the CGMs expeditiously, in view of the forthcoming JTO LICE to be held on 22.05.2016.Both the GMs have responded positively and assured their full commitment.



12.05.2016 Designation Change Order Issued


The order for the change of our designation have come.Now onwards we are JUNIOR ENGINEER (JE) As we told it will come at middle of the month of may, we got it well before that.  Friends this great achivement happened only because of SNATTA,only because of our unity.We are cordially thankful to BSNLEU for their enourmous support and hardwork.


Well...Keep fighting, Keep supporting, and all our dreams will come true..  SNATTA JINDABAD.BSNLEU JINDABAD



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11.05.2016 A Message from GS





Thanks all of SNATTA members to show their great unity in all and every layer, all over India. You have shown your devotion and dedication to our beloved association and my highest gratitude towards your unity, My salutes to all the CHQ,CIRCLE, SSA level leadership for their active participation and hard work to create a great unity,  A great success is coming for you and you only.


SNATTA will be directed for you not for any other purpose, it's a promise from our CHQ, All the decision have been taken here only for the benefit of future and for increasing  the strength of our beloved association SNATTA.


SNATTACHQ is here heartily inviting all our friends who have some confusion about our activities, Friends put down your angry and confusion aside and come again devotedly for increasing it's great  unity, Forget about everything and  remember SNATTA is the only destination to give us a BETTER TOMORROW and that can only be achieved with your great  unity, 



10.05.2016 SNATTA recently approached to Management to consider abolishing the exam procedure for promotion to JTO.CHQ have presented this proposal with very logical ground.We are happy to learn that management have taken this proposal seriously and assured for further consideration.


09.05.2016 GS writes to GM/Rect. regarding "NEGATIVE MARKING IN JTO LICE" Exam. Also GS/BSNLEU wrote to GM/Rect. on the same issue.


Click Here for Letter of GS/SNATTA


Click Here for Letter of GS/BSNLEU



09.05.2016 SNATTA is actively trying to include 2009 batch TTAs to 2nd upcoming LICE on 28.08.2016.We want to send the message to all LICE aspirants specially 2009 batch TTAs that your association will not sit idle until and unless your dream of becoming a JTO is met.Just keep your faith on SNATTA.


09.05.2016 As we all know tommorrow is a very vital day as 7th Membership Verification will commence on 10.05.2016,CHQ is requesting all CS,CP,CCs of all circles to make a good colaboration with BSNLEU local leadership to be a good helping hand and make sure to represent SNATTA at every level.


08.05.2016 A Grief Message


Our brother Shri Asesh Narayan Biswas TTA/Panihati Tel Exch Kolkata has met a fatal motorbike accident and injured badly.He is now in treatment in Appolo Hospital,Kolkata.He is from 2014 TTA Recruitment batch.Lets pray to almighty for his quick recovery and may he come back to his office quickly.















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